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The HP ENVY 13-ab has a body thickness of only 12.9 mm and weighs only 1.36 kg. For a high-end notebook with a metallic material, this portability is really excellent.

HP ENVY 13 is available in two screen resolutions, FHD matte IPS screen, and 3K touchscreen. For most users who don’t have special needs and only use a notebook as a productivity tool, We believe that FHD screens that do not support touch are more suitable for use.

Despite the slim body design, the unit still has four USB ports. The dual USB 3.1 is designed to meet the daily expansion needs and supports the faster USB 3.1 transmission protocol. Two USB Type-C ports can be converted to a video output port while providing faster data transfer.

This laptop is equipped with Intel’s seventh-generation Kaby Lake processor, which has greatly improved the computing power and 4K video support. In addition to integrated graphics, users can also choose the latest NVIDIA GeForce MX150 discrete graphics card, and it is perfect for running popular games. It is worth mentioning that the HP ENVY 13 notebook supports the new NVme PCle SSD (up to 1TB PCle SSD), the read and write speed is very fast.