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HP Envy 13-ad is a lightweight business laptop with excellent performance. The LCD back cover and palm rest are made of aluminum alloy, while the bottom case is made of magnesium alloy. The laptop is very strong and durable. It has a design of beveled cutting edge under the CNC process.

In addition, the product also has a 3.06mm ultra-narrow frame design, and hidden LCD hinge and structure design can make the fuselage tilt naturally to improve the keyboard input feel and heat dissipation effect.

The Envy-ad 13 is also very portable, with a thickness of only 13.95 mm and a weight of 1.23 kg. The 53.6 Wh high-capacity battery provides a 14-hour long battery life and can be filled with 90% of electricity in 90 minutes. It is an ideal companion for business trips.