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Before you place a screen order on MyFixGuide.com, please check the resolution of your original screen, these methods can help you find the correct resolution.

Method 1:
Please disconnect external displays from your laptop. Then go to whatismyscreenresolution.com, and you will get the resolution of your screen. This method is ideal for screens that are set to the highest resolution. Alternatively, you can try method 2 if your computer is running on windows.

Method 2:
You can find the resolution of your screen by right-clicking on your desktop and then go to screen resolution. The resolution of your screen is simply the highest resolution setting provided in the resolution drop-down menu.

If your screen is having issues and you cannot use either of the above methods, you can find the resolution of your screen by using the following methods:

Method 3:
You can easily find the screen resolution of your laptop on its user’s manual or its original box. Alternatively, you can check if the resolution is indicated on the display.

Method 4:
Most screen manufacturers indicate the model number of their product on the screen. If you can’t locate this model number, remove the LCD screen from the laptop and record the model number. Take a picture to us or search the model number on the manufacturer’s website and you will easily get the specification details of your screen.