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The HP Spectre x360 15-bl is a 15.6-inch screen laptop that can be flipped 360 degrees and comes with a stylus to make it easy for designers or artists to open their minds. More importantly, it is one of the few high-performance processors that first launch AMD and Intel Fusion Chip Core i7-8705G.

The i7-8705G is based on the Intel Kaby Lake G architecture, which has a base frequency of 3.1 GHz and a core frequency of 4.1 GHz. Its GPU comes from AMD Radeon RX Vega M GL and has a 4GB HBM2 memory.

In addition to the CPU and GPU, Spectre x360 15 has other high configuration specifications. For example, the 16GB DDR4 2400MHz memory, M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD, and the HDD maximum optional capacity can reach 2TB. The 15.6-inch screen has a 4K resolution, and supports touch and comes with an original stylus.

The two Type-C ports on the left side of the body are not exactly the same. One Type-C supports Thunderbolt 3, the transmission speed reaches 40Gb/s, and supports DP1.2 video output and HP sleep charging. Another Type-C Support USB 3.1 Gen1, HP sleep charging, and DP1.2 output. Both ports support USB PD charging. That is to say, our common mobile phone charger or USB charger can also serve as a temporary power supply for the HP Spectre x360 15-bl. However, when the power supply is low, HP will indicate that the power supply is insufficient, and the charging effect is more obvious in the standby state.