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Replacement Parts for Lenovo Yoga 730


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    2 Item(s)

    Device Info

    Lenovo YOGA 730 was launched in March 2018, it continues the excellent appearance design of the YOGA 720 and comes with a 13.3-inch IPS touch screen. The highest optional is the 4K touch screen. Its 5.9mm narrow border design makes the screen ratio up to 80%. Lenovo YOGA 730 weight is only 1.19Kg, as thin as 13.9mm.

    At the same time, it also adopts the all-metal body design, which makes the whole machine show a sleek and simple temperament, and there are three colors of Star Silver, Scorpio Ash, and Dawn Gold.

    As the main selling point of the 2-in-1 laptop, Lenovo YOGA 730 can be 360° flipped and support laptop, tablet, stand and tent mode to meet different use scenarios to meet different user needs.

    Due to the thin body of the YOGA 730, its expandability has been affected. Two Type-C port (support Thunderbolt 3) are placed on both sides of the body, and with a 3.5mm headphone microphone on the left, and the other side has only had one USB 3.0 port and a power button with a light status icon.

    Although its ports are not very rich, the YOGA 730's Thunderbolt 3 port can be connected to an expansion dock, and even you can connect an external graphics card so that the machine's expandability has a certain guarantee.