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Original Hard Drive Cable, HDD Caddy for HP Envy x360 15-BP - 924326-001

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This is an original, brand new hard drive cable for HP Envy x360 15-BP with a part number of 924326-001, 450.0BX02.0001. The cable is compatible with all Envy x360 15-BP series laptops.

HP Envy x360 15-BP has a hard drive bay for you to extend your storage, you can add a 9.5mm hard drive to the laptop, but you need to buy an HDD caddy and a hard drive cable.

The item includes an HDD caddy, a hard drive cable, two brackets, and four screws.

Part Number:
924326-001, 450.0BX02.0001

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: One (1) Year

Compatible laptops:
Envy x360 15-bp000nb
Envy x360 15-bp004na
Envy x360 15-bp005na
Envy x360 15-bp006na
Envy x360 15-bp007na
Envy x360 15-bp010ca
Envy x360 15-bp018ca
Envy x360 15-bp023ca
Envy x360 15-bp030nd
Envy x360 15-bp051nr
Envy x360 15-bp053na
Envy x360 15-bp054na
Envy x360 15-bp100na
Envy x360 15-bp100nb
Envy x360 15-bp101na
Envy x360 15-bp101nb
Envy x360 15-bp102na
Envy x360 15-bp102nb
Envy x360 15-bp103na
Envy x360 15-bp103nb
Envy x360 15-bp104nb
Envy x360 15-bp107na
Envy x360 15-bp107nb
Envy x360 15-bp108ca
Envy x360 15-bp108nb
Envy x360 15-bp110nd
Envy x360 15-bp110nr
Envy x360 15-bp130nd
Envy x360 15-bp143cl
Envy x360 15-bp150na
Envy x360 15-bp151na
Envy x360 15-bp152nr
Envy x360 15-bp152wm
Envy x360 15-bp175nr
Envy x360 15-bp180nd
Envy x360 15-bp191nd
Envy x360 15-bp194cl
Envy x360 15-bp196nd
Envy x360 15m-bp011dx
Envy x360 15m-bp012dx
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1. To add a new hard disk, you need to remove all the screws that hold the bottom case, remove the bottom case, and disconnect the battery first.
2. Install 9.5mm hard disk to HDD caddy. Place it in the hard disk bay and connect the hard drive cable to the motherboard.

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  • I want to add another HDD to my 15-ds1063cl. Is this compatible?
    By Dominic 2021-06-23 01:28:11
    This product is not compatible with your laptop model.
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