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  • Touch LCD Cable for HP 15-BS 15-BW - 924932-001 DC02002Y000 Touch LCD Cable for HP 15-BS 15-BW - 924932-001 DC02002Y000

Touch LCD Cable for HP 15-BS 15-BW - 924932-001 DC02002Y000

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This is an original LCD Cable HP 15-BS, 15-BW with a part number of 924932-001 DC02002Y000. The item compatible with all HP 15-BS, 15-BW laptop with a touchscreen.

1. The LCD cable includes display panel cable and camera/microphone cable.
3. The cable does not support a laptop with non-touchscreen.

Part Number:

Condition: Brand New, original
Connector: 40pin
Warranty: One (1) Year

Compatible Laptop Models:
256 G6
255 G6
15-bs siereis
15-bs001ca, 15-bs001cy, 15-bs001ds, 15-bs002cy, 15-bs002ds, 15-bs003cy, 15-bs003ds, 15-bs004cy, 15-bs004ds, 15-bs005cy, 15-bs005ds, 15-bs006cy, 15-bs006ds, 15-bs007cy, 15-bs007ds, 15-bs008ca, 15-bs008cy, 15-bs008ds, 15-bs009ca, 15-bs009cy, 15-bs009ds, 15-bs010cy, 15-bs010ds, 15-bs010nr, 15-bs011cy, 15-bs011ds, 15-bs012ca, 15-bs012cy, 15-bs012ds, 15-bs013cy, 15-bs013ds, 15-bs013dx, 15-bs014cy, 15-bs015cy, 15-bs015dx, 15-bs016cy, 15-bs016dx, 15-bs017ca, 15-bs017cy, 15-bs018cy, 15-bs019ca, 15-bs019cy, 15-bs020cy, 15-bs020nr, 15-bs020wm, 15-bs021cy, 15-bs021nr, 15-bs022ca, 15-bs022cy, 15-bs023ca, 15-bs023cy, 15-bs024cy, 15-bs025cy, 15-bs026cy, 15-bs027ca, 15-bs027cy, 15-bs028ca, 15-bs028cl, 15-bs028cy, 15-bs030nr, 15-bs033cl, 15-bs037nr, 15-bs038cl, 15-bs038dx, 15-bs045nr, 15-bs048cl, 15-bs058ca, 15-bs060wm, 15-bs065nr, 15-bs066nr, 15-bs067cl, 15-bs070wm, 15-bs071nr, 15-bs074nr, 15-bs075nr, 15-bs076nr, 15-bs077nr, 15-bs078cl, 15-bs078nr, 15-bs080ca, 15-bs080wm, 15-bs085nr, 15-bs086nr, 15-bs087cl, 15-bs087nr, 15-bs088nr, 15-bs113dx, 15-bs115dx, 15-bs131nr, 15-bs132nr, 15-bs158cl, 15-bs168cl, 15-bs178cl, 15-bs188cl, 15-bs197cl, 15-bs212wm, 15-bs234wm, 15-bs244wm
15-bw siereis

How to Tips:
1. Please make sure the parts same as your old LCD cable before placing an order.
2. If you don't have the experience of repair, I suggest you go to the repair shop to complete the replacement work.
3. The installation of 924932-001 DC02002Y000 should be done by a qualified person. We do not responsible for any damage caused during installation.

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