New CPU Fan for HP Envy x360 13-ay1035nr 13-ay0075nr 13-ay0037nr 13-ay0021nr 13-ay0010nr 13-ay0055cl 13-ay1008ca L94511-001


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This is a new CPU fan for HP Envy x360 13-ay1035nr 13-ay0075nr 13-ay0037nr 13-ay0021nr 13-ay0010nr, 13-ay1008ca, 13-ay1010ca, 13-ay1020ca and 13-ay0055cl laptops with P/N DC28000QWD0. It is compatible with L94511-001.

1. Before shipping, each fan is strictly tested to ensure that it works properly.
2. This fan has 4 wires leading to the connector which attaches to the motherboard.
3. If you have any questions about this fan, please click Ask a Question to submit your question.

Voltage/Current: 5V/0.5A
Condition: Original, New
Warranty: One (1) Year

Compatible Laptops:
Envy x360 13-ay0000sl
Envy x360 13-ay0001au
Envy x360 13-ay0001nd
Envy x360 13-ay0001ns
Envy x360 13-ay0002nd
Envy x360 13-ay0002np
Envy x360 13-ay0002ns
Envy x360 13-ay0002nw
Envy x360 13-ay0002ur
Envy x360 13-ay0003nc
Envy x360 13-ay0003nd
Envy x360 13-ay0003nl
Envy x360 13-ay0003nw
Envy x360 13-ay0004np
Envy x360 13-ay0004ur
Envy x360 13-ay0005nl
Envy x360 13-ay0006au
Envy x360 13-ay0006ca
Envy x360 13-ay0007ca
Envy x360 13-ay0007ne
Envy x360 13-ay0007nn
Envy x360 13-ay0007nw
Envy x360 13-ay0008au
Envy x360 13-ay0008ca
Envy x360 13-ay0008na
Envy x360 13-ay0008ne
Envy x360 13-ay0008nl
Envy x360 13-ay0008nw
Envy x360 13-ay0009au
Envy x360 13-ay0009na
Envy x360 13-ay0010ca
Envy x360 13-ay0010ne
Envy x360 13-ay0010nr
Envy x360 13-ay0012nl
Envy x360 13-ay0014nw
Envy x360 13-ay0017ne
Envy x360 13-ay0017nl
Envy x360 13-ay0018nf
Envy x360 13-ay0021nf
Envy x360 13-ay0021nr
Envy x360 13-ay0024nf
Envy x360 13-ay0037nr
Envy x360 13-ay0043au
Envy x360 13-ay0044au
Envy x360 13-ay0045au
Envy x360 13-ay0055cl
Envy x360 13-ay0067nr
Envy x360 13-ay0075nr
Envy x360 13-ay0087au
Envy x360 13-ay0089au
Envy x360 13-ay0090au
Envy x360 13-ay0095au
Envy x360 13-ay0096au
Envy x360 13-ay0102au
Envy x360 13-ay0103au
Envy x360 13-ay0104au
Envy x360 13-ay0122au
Envy x360 13-ay0152ng
Envy x360 13-ay0153ng
Envy x360 13-ay0175ng
Envy x360 13-ay0176ng
Envy x360 13-ay0232ng
Envy x360 13-ay0251ng
Envy x360 13-ay0256ng
Envy x360 13-ay0257ng
Envy x360 13-ay0278ng
Envy x360 13-ay0285ng
Envy x360 13-ay0286ng
Envy x360 13-ay0355ng
Envy x360 13-ay0359ng
Envy x360 13-ay0360ng
Envy x360 13-ay0377ng
Envy x360 13-ay0378ng
Envy x360 13-ay0455ng
Envy x360 13-ay0472ng
Envy x360 13-ay0477ng
Envy x360 13-ay0504sa
Envy x360 13-ay0505na
Envy x360 13-ay0508au
Envy x360 13-ay0526au
Envy x360 13-ay0527au
Envy x360 13-ay0528au
Envy x360 13-ay0533au
Envy x360 13-ay0537au
Envy x360 13-ay0565ng
Envy x360 13-ay0754ng
Envy x360 13-ay0775ng
Envy x360 13-ay0779ng
Envy x360 13-ay0807nz
Envy x360 13-ay0900nz
Envy x360 13-ay1000ne
Envy x360 13-ay1001ne
Envy x360 13-ay1002au
Envy x360 13-ay1006ca
Envy x360 13-ay1007ca
Envy x360 13-ay1008ca
Envy x360 13-ay1010ca
Envy x360 13-ay1013au
Envy x360 13-ay1020ca
Envy x360 13-ay1029au
Envy x360 13-ay1030au
Envy x360 13-ay1030ca
Envy x360 13-ay1035au
Envy x360 13-ay1035nr
Envy x360 13-ay1037au
Envy x360 13-ay1038au
Envy x360 13-ay1059au
Envy x360 13-ay1062au
Envy x360 13-ay1065au
Envy x360 13-ay1336no
Envy x360 13-ay1440nw
Envy x360 13-ay1776ng
and all Envy x360 13-ay series laptops


CPU Fan for HP Envy x360 13-ay0010nr 13-ay1035nr 13-ay0075nr 13-ay0037nr 13-ay0021nr 13-ay0055cl L94511-001 Replacement Tips:

1. Please compare the image, part number and shape with your fan and make sure it matches your original CPU fan.
2. After you remove the bottom cover, you need to disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard first, and then start removing the fan, this is to avoid static electricity damage to your laptop.
3. You need to remove all screws securing the heatsink and fan, and disconnect the fan cable from the motherboard, then carefully lift and separate the cooling assembly from the motherboard.
4. You need to remove the old thermal grease left on the CPU with a cleaning cloth, and apply the new thermal grease on the CPU. This step is indispensable so that you can get better heat dissipation performance.
5. You can go to the HP website to download the hardware repair manual for this laptop and then follow the instructions for replacing the fan in the manual.

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