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Genuine Top Cover w/ Keyboard for HP Pavilion 15-cs0012cl 15-cs0022cl 15-cs0051cl 15-cs0052cl - L24752-001 L24753-001

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This is an original, brand new top cover with a keyboard for HP Pavilion 15-cs series laptop that compatible with the part number of L24752-001 and L24753-001. The item is the same as your old keyboard. It is 100% compatible with your laptop.

1. The item includes a keyboard, backlight paper, keyboard cable, and backlight cable.
2. The top cover w/ keyboard includes a top cover and a non-backlit keyboard.
2. This is a US language keyboard.
3. If you need a keyboard in other languages, such as the UK, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc., please contact us to confirm the stock status.

Compatible Part Number:

Layout: US
Color: Silver
Backlight: Yes
Condition: Original, Brand new
Warranty: One (1) Year

Compatible laptop:
Pavilion 15-cs0003ca
Pavilion 15-cs0006ca
Pavilion 15-cs0008ca
Pavilion 15-cs0009ca
Pavilion 15-cs0010ca
Pavilion 15-cs0010ds
Pavilion 15-cs0010nr
Pavilion 15-cs0012cl
Pavilion 15-cs0020ca
Pavilion 15-cs0022cl
Pavilion 15-cs0024cl
Pavilion 15-cs0025cl
Pavilion 15-cs0030ca
Pavilion 15-cs0032cl
Pavilion 15-cs0034cl
Pavilion 15-cs0041nr
Pavilion 15-cs0042cl
Pavilion 15-cs0042nr
Pavilion 15-cs0051cl
Pavilion 15-cs0051wm
Pavilion 15-cs0052cl
Pavilion 15-cs0053cl
Pavilion 15-cs0059nr
Pavilion 15-cs0061cl
Pavilion 15-cs0064cl
Pavilion 15-cs0069nr
Pavilion 15-cs0072wm
Pavilion 15-cs0073cl
Pavilion 15-cs0077nr
Pavilion 15-cs0078nr
Pavilion 15-cs0079nr
Pavilion 15-cs0080ca
Pavilion 15-cs0082cl
Pavilion 15-cs0083cl
Pavilion 15-cs0085cl
Pavilion 15-cs0086cl
Pavilion 15-cs0087cl
Pavilion 15-cs0093ca
Pavilion 15-cs1063cl
Pavilion 15-cs1065cl
Pavilion 15-cs2010nr
Pavilion 15-cs2021cl
Pavilion 15-cs2071nr
Pavilion 15-cs2073cl
Pavilion 15-cs2073nr
Pavilion 15-cs2076nr
Pavilion 15-cs2079nr
Pavilion 15-cw0007ca
Pavilion 15-cw0010ca
Pavilion 15-cw0017ca
Pavilion 15-cw0020ca
Pavilion 15-cw0027ca
Pavilion 15-cw0030ca
Pavilion 15-cw0040ca
Pavilion 15-cw0055nr
Pavilion 15-cw0060ca
Pavilion 15-cw0061nr
Pavilion 15-cw0062nr
Pavilion 15-cw0064cl
Pavilion 15-cw0075nr
Pavilion 15-cw0085nr
Pavilion 15-cw0088nr
Pavilion 15-cw0097ca
Pavilion 15-cw1015cl
Pavilion 15-cw1085nr
and more

1. If possible, remove your old keyboard to confirm that the part number L24752-001 or L24753-001 is on your keyboard.
2. Please verify the number, description, and our image matches your old keyboard.
3. To replace the keyboard, you need to turn off the laptop and remove all the screws that secure the bottom cover.
4. After removing the bottom cover, you need to disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard to avoid damage to the laptop hardware.
5. Then remove the battery, speaker, motherboard, and all parts that covering the keyboard.

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