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Original Top Cover w/ Keyboard for HP Pavilion x360 15-cr0037wm 15-cr0053wm 15-cr0056wm 15-cr0087cl - L20848-001 L20849-001 L20850-001 L20851-001

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It is an original, brand new keyboard for HP Pavilion x360 15-cr series laptops that compatible with part number L20848-001 and L20849-001. The L20848-001 is a non-backlit keyboard, and the L20849-001 is a backlit keyboard.

Note: The non-backlit keyboard will not fit your laptop if your laptop comes with a backlit keyboard.

1. It is a 100% genuine, brand new keyboard.
2. It is not a top cover assembly.

Compatible Part Number:
L20848-001, L20849-001, L20850-001, L20851-001

Layout: US
Backlit: Yes or Not
Color: dark ash silver
Condition: The single keyboard is brand new, the top cover with the keyboard is pulled out from a laptop and working properly
Warranty: One (1) Year

Compatible laptop:
Pavilion x360 15-cr0010nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0011nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0017nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0035nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0037wm
Pavilion x360 15-cr0051cl
Pavilion x360 15-cr0053wm
Pavilion x360 15-cr0056wm
Pavilion x360 15-cr0075nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0076nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0077nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0078nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0079nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0081cl
Pavilion x360 15-cr0083cl
Pavilion x360 15-cr0085cl
Pavilion x360 15-cr0087cl
Pavilion x360 15-cr0088cl
Pavilion x360 15-cr0091ms
Pavilion x360 15-cr0091ms
Pavilion x360 15-cr0095nr
Pavilion x360 15-cr0130nd
Pavilion x360 15-cr0544nz
Pavilion x360 15-cr0566nz
Pavilion x360 15-cr0950nd
and more 15-cr laptops

1. Please shut down the laptop before you start replacing the keyboard.
1. To replace the keyboard, you need to remove the bottom cover by removing two Phillips screws under the rubber foot, and two for Phillips screws secure the cover to the laptop.
2. With the bottom cover removed, disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.
3. Remove the battery and the motherboard to access the keyboard.
4. Remove all screws securing the metal plate that covering the keyboard.
5. Please make sure the part number L20848-001 or L20849-001 is on your top cover.

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  • My laptop model is HP Pavilion x360 - 15-cr0088cl. L20848-001 is my part number. This laptop doesn't have backlit keyboard. If i purchase backlit keyboard will it supports?
    By jamshad 2019-11-07 12:31:39
    The keyboard is usually upgradeable. I am not sure about this model. You can contact HP to confirm it.
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  • Hi, I had a question does this come with the keyboard backlit ribbon connector? The one on my laptop broke in half and I don’t know if it’s replaceable, the lights don’t turn on but the keyboard works fine. Thank you
    By Steven 2019-12-28 08:16:25
    Yes, the keyboard with backlit cable.
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  • Hi, I had a question, aside from the main ribbon connector that you connect the keyboard to the motherboard. Does this top cover also come with the backlight ribbon connector the ribbon that gives the keyboard the light? Thank you
    By Jayson 2019-12-31 00:14:13
    This keyboard is available with backlight or without backlight. You can select it in the options area.
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