New Per-Key RGB Backlit Keyboard for MSI GS76 Stealth, GP76 Leopard 10UE 10UG 11UE 11UG 11UH


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This is a brand new Per-Key RGB backlit keyboard for MSI GS76 Stealth 10UE 10UG 11UG 11UH and MSI GP76 Leopard 11UE 11UG 11UH. This keyboard has a keyboard cable and an RGB backlight port on the back. This keyboard allows you to set the color for each key in the control center.

1. This is a US keyboard with RGB backlit. It is compatible with keyboards in other languages.
2. If you need a keyboard in another language, please contact us in the Q & A section.

Layout: US
Color: Black
Backlit: Yes
Condition: Brand New, Genuine
Warranty: One (1) Year

Compatible Laptops:
GP76 Leopard series
GP76 Leopard 10UE
GP76 Leopard 10UE-013CA
GP76 Leopard 10UE-022
GP76 Leopard 10UE-029ZA
GP76 Leopard 10UE-038
GP76 Leopard 10UE-060ES
GP76 Leopard 10UE-070IT
GP76 Leopard 10UE-091FR
GP76 Leopard 10UE-092FR
GP76 Leopard 10UE-216PL
GP76 Leopard 10UE-217HK
GP76 Leopard 10UE-227IT
GP76 Leopard 10UE-247IT
GP76 Leopard 10UE-417FR
GP76 Leopard 10UE-449TH
GP76 Leopard 10UE-604VN
GP76 Leopard 10UG
GP76 Leopard 10UG-008BE
GP76 Leopard 10UG-014CA
GP76 Leopard 10UG-065ES
GP76 Leopard 10UG-066XES
GP76 Leopard 10UG-078UK
GP76 Leopard 10UG-084AU
GP76 Leopard 10UG-090FR
GP76 Leopard 10UG-211PL
GP76 Leopard 10UG-219IT
GP76 Leopard 10UG-239FR
GP76 Leopard 10UG-251FR
GP76 Leopard 10UG-259FR
GP76 Leopard 10UG-260FR
GP76 Leopard 10UG-275
GP76 Leopard 10UG-291
GP76 Leopard 10UG-648XFR
GP76 Leopard 11UG
GP76 Leopard 11UG-020FR
GP76 Leopard 11UG-021FR
GP76 Leopard 11UG-023FR
GP76 Leopard 11UG-024FR
GP76 Leopard 11UG-052
GP76 Leopard 11UG-059PL
GP76 Leopard 11UG-076
GP76 Leopard 11UG-078IT
GP76 Leopard 11UG-080IT
GP76 Leopard 11UG-081IT
GP76 Leopard 11UG-092FR
GP76 Leopard 11UG-238ES
GP76 Leopard 11UG-239XES
GP76 Leopard 11UG-240
GP76 Leopard 11UG-247CA
GP76 Leopard 11UG-249AU
GP76 Leopard 11UG-280VN
GP76 Leopard 11UG-322JP
GP76 Leopard 11UG-326JP
GP76 Leopard 11UG-407
GP76 Leopard 11UG-669
GP76 Leopard 11UH
GP76 Leopard 11UH-667PL
GP76 Leopard 11UH-671NL
GP76 Leopard 11UH-687
GP76 Leopard 11UH-693ES

GS76 Stealth series
GS76 Stealth 11UE
GS76 Stealth 11UE-003FR
GS76 Stealth 11UE-004FR
GS76 Stealth 11UE-013AU
GS76 Stealth 11UE-031CA
GS76 Stealth 11UE-077NEU
GS76 Stealth 11UE-216AU
GS76 Stealth 11UE-221
GS76 Stealth 11UE-230XES
GS76 Stealth 11UE-462KH
GS76 Stealth 11UE-474NEU
GS76 Stealth 11UE-479NL
GS76 Stealth 11UE-623
GS76 Stealth 11UG
GS76 Stealth 11UG-257
GS76 Stealth 11UG-232
GS76 Stealth 11UG-652
GS76 Stealth 11UG-653
GS76 Stealth 11UH
GS76 Stealth 11UH-029
GS76 Stealth 11UH-058FR
GS76 Stealth 11UH-078
GS76 Stealth 11UH-263AU
GS76 Stealth 11UH-281
GS76 Stealth 11UH-299MY
and all GP76 and GS76 series laptops

Keyboard for MSI GS76 Stealth GP76 Leopard Replacement Tips:

1. Please verify the part number, description and image match your old keyboard.
2. Please verify that your laptop comes with a Per-Key RGB Backlit Keyboard. Otherwise, it may not be compatible with your laptop.
3. This laptop has an internal keyboard; you have to remove all the laptop parts on the palm rest to access the keyboard.
4. Replacing this keyboard requires you to have DIY capabilities. Otherwise, we recommend you bring your laptop to the repair store to replace it.

Weight 0.5 kg

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Q & A

I have an MSI GS76 with an Italian keyboard, does your keyboard work with my laptop? do you ship to Italy? Paolo asked on September 7, 2022

This keyboard is compatible with your laptop, we deliver to Italy, you can place an order directly.

MyFixGuide answered on September 7, 2022 store manager
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