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Beginning last year, many ThinkPad products began to try to carry AMD processors, and the product names were differentiated. Among them, the product equipped with the Intel Core processor is T490, and the product equipped with the AMD processor is T495.

Everyone knows that last year’s mobile AMD Ryzen 3000 processors have very mediocre performance. However, with a lower price than the Intel processor edition, the T495 has received a lot of attention. There is almost no difference in the appearance of the T495. You can enjoy the quality of the T series at a much lower price.

The performance of AMD Ryzen 4000 Ryzen processors has skyrocketed this year. Manufacturers and users are looking forward to this year’s ThinkPad T14 Ryzen edition.

The Intel processor edition of ThinkPad T14 was released earlier, it is equipped with the latest 10th generation Intel processor, but this product really attracted a lot of attention because of the release of the AMD edition.

ThinkPad T14 Ryzen edition is equipped with R5-4650U and R7-4750U processors. It is almost the same as the previous T495, with a body thickness of 17.9mm and a weight of 1.55kg.

It is come with a 14-inch screen and has three resolutions to choose from 1366×768, 1920×1080, and 3840×2160. It should be noted that the 1920×1080 screen can choose different brightness and color gamut.