HP Omen 15 disassembly and SSD, RAM, HDD upgrade options

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble HP Omen 15 to remove the bottom case, battery, SSD, wireless card, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard. Refer to this guide, you can repair, upgrade and clean your HP Omen 15.

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Repair Parts
Laptop Screen for HP Omen 15-5000
AC Adapter for HP Omen 15-5000
Cooling Fan for HP Omen 15-5000
Keyboard for HP Omen 15-5000
LCD Cable for HP Omen 15-5000

There is a round of rubber mat covered the bottom case.

Remove the rubber mat. You can find some screws securing the bottom case.
Remove all screws.

Pry up and remove the bottom case.

Once the bottom case was removed, you can get access to the internal components, including battery, wireless card, SSD, speakers, heat sink and cooling fan.

Disconnect the battery power cable and remove the screws. The battery can be removed.

HP Omen 15 comes with a 15.2v, 58wh Li-polymer battery, battery cells from LG.

Remove the screw securing the wireless card.

Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 wireless card. HP part number: 784645-006.

Uncover the black tape.

Remove the screw securing the SSD.

HP Omen 15 comes with a Samsung 512GB M.2 SSD. HP part number: 788613-001, 752822-0001.

Loosen all the screws securing the heat sink. Remove all screws securing the cooling fan.

Disconnect two cooling fan cables from the motherboard.

HP Omen 15 heat sink, cooling fan assembly. HP part number: 788800-001.

Uncover the stickers, you can see the RAM is soldered on the motherboard.
HP Omen 15 not provide spare RAM slot, so the RAM cannot upgrade.

This is a special screw securing the motherboard, so you cannot remove the motherboard unless you have the special screwdriver.

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