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Lenovo ThinkPad P52 carry up to 8th Gen Intel Xeon E2176M processor with a maximum turbo frequency of 4.4GHz and a cache memory of 12M. The workstation support up to Nvidia Quadro P3200 discrete graphics card. It has 4 memory slots and supports up to 128G memory. This is very important for business people who need to open multiple software and handle multiple tasks at the same time.

ThinkPad P52 also brings a wealth of ports. The right side of the fuselage has a microphone headset 2-in-1 port, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Mini DP port. The left side of the fuselage has a USB 3.0 port and an SD card reader.

The back of the fuselage has an RJ45 port, HDMI port, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and a power jack. It is convenient for users to connect wired networks, monitors, docks stations, etc.,

ThinkPad P52 features a 90Wh detachable large-capacity lithium battery. We adjust the brightness of the screen to 80%, the volume to 20%, turn off the Bluetooth and positioning functions, turn on the wireless network, and continuously play a 1080P video using the Windows 10 built-in player.

After 1 hour, the power consumption is 9%, which can be calculated that the battery life of the ThinkPad P52 will exceed 10 hours, which is very good for a mobile workstation with a 15.6-inch display.

As a professional-grade mobile workstation, ThinkPad P52 provides users with a variety of options to meet the needs of users at different price levels. The high-performance processor and professional-grade graphics card can provide users with powerful performance and provide users with more stable, professional, and efficient computing performance.