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Lenovo Y50-70 Disassembly

In this post, I’ll explain how to disassemble Lenovo Y50-70 to remove and replace the battery, hard drive, RAM, wireless card, cooling fan, speakers, bottom case, and motherboard.

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Remove all screws from the bottom case.
There are some snaps fixed the bottom case, and you can use a pry bar release all the snaps. Be careful, do not damage the snaps.

After all screws removed, you can open the bottom case.

Under the bottom case, you can access the battery, hard drive, memory, wireless card and speaker.

Remove four screws securing the battery.
Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard. You can remove the battery.

The laptop comes with a 7.4v, 7400mah Li-polymer battery, Lenovo P/N: L13M4P02.

Carefully remove the memory, Lenovo Y50 have two memory slots, in my case, only one memory was installed.

The laptop comes with a Samsung 4GB PC3L-12800S 1600MhZ memory.

Remove four screws securing the hard drive module. Slide it to the left.

The Lenovo Y50-70 featured an HGST hard drive.

Remove one screw securing the wireless card
Disconnect two antenna cables, take it away from its slot.

Intel dual band wireless-ac 3160 wireless card, Lenovo P/N: 04X6034.

Now remove two securing the speaker.
Disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard.

Speaker module

Remove all screws securing the heat sink.
Disconnect two power cables from the motherboard.

Lenovo Y50-70 using a dual cooling fan, OEM by Sunon.

Intel processor


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  1. Hi, I can’t remove the bottom case. Can you please explain me if I have to pull up the case or what to do? Of course I removed all screws. thanks!!!

    1. you should pry up the bottom case with a pry bar, or guitar picks, carefully release all the snaps, please do not damage the snaps

      1. So what happens if you break the snaps? Is there any way to replace them? I broke all 4 of them up top towards the screen and a couple on the sides and now whenever I press down on certain places of my laptop, it compresses and even makes a popping noise sometimes. Please help!

        1. i broke 5 of them, so no problem, ther are 4 left i think. i but it back and that’s all. nothing changed. the silk material i think is ther to ultimately stop the dust from entering too much, and so the dust acumulate verry hard and longevity is bigger.

  2. is it at all possible to get under the keyboard and mouse pad for thorough cleaning? I’ve got some dust (and strangely enough, flour – I’m a cook and I don’t properly clean my hands sometimes) build up, particularly under the mouse pad, which is driving me mad since I can see it from an angle.

  3. Hi,

    I see/ read online that the CPU is soldered on. Is it at all possible to upgrade my CPU for this laptop? I have the Lenovo Y50 with the intel i5 4200H CPU, and I was hoping I could upgrade to the i7 4700HQ CPU.

    Thanks in advance

  4. The rear four clips are impossible to reach, even with a plastic removal tool.
    How do I unclip them?
    I have a sound like a piece of paper is stuck in the fan and i want to remove it if there is anything, the thing is brand new and i dont want to take it to the local repair agents as they only employ retards.(yes, they broke my previous one and i had to wait 2 months for a replacement )

    1. bro. you just need to aply a lot of force, and carefully broke some of the clips, bcz… that”s how they designed it. i broke 5 of them and no problem. 4 left.

  5. Hi , I unscrewed the laptop and two of the screws broke in the process. do you know what size these are so I can order replacements? thanks

  6. I was trying to remove the back cover but the plastic covering the hinges broke. The cover still works fine but it leaves that open without protection. Does anyone know of where I can buy a replacement cover for my y50? All help is

  7. Be especially aware of the four rear clips right beneath the fan outlet on the back cover as well at the ones by the network cable port. Installed a new SSD and broke all four of the rear clips, although they don’t seem to do a whole lot. Use a plastic pry bar (a spork works just fine) to unclip the ones at the network cable. Don’t know how to avoid breaking the four rear ones except avoid lifting up the cover too much in the front. Good luck (you’re gonna need it!)

  8. Is it possible to replace the keyboard? I found articles and videos showing a complete teardown up until the keyboard. I’m a clutz and spilled liquid on my keyboard and shorted some keys.

  9. I wonder what these four clips. They are too difficult to dislodge and I have broken all four.
    Looks like it’s done on purpose to break and to prove that the chassis was opened to not operate the warranty.

  10. Hi can u mark or show which one is the bios chip on the motherboard? I kinda bricked mine and trying to fix it via the ch341a process… thank you

  11. Hi David. This article is great. Thank you.
    Can you please tell me the size of the screws of the back cover? I’m missing just 2 of them and I wouldn’t want to buy a whole 900pcs set just for this.
    This list is off aliexpress: PM2X6-3.8; PM2X10-3.5; CM2X3-3.3; CM2X3-4.0; CM2X3-4.5; CM2X4-5.0; CM2X4-4.0; CM2.5X3.5-4.5; CM2.5X5-4; CM2.5X6-4.5; CM2.5X7.5-4.5; CM2.5X8-4.0; CM2.5X10-4; CM2.5X12-4.5; KM2.5X4-3.5; CM3X3-5.0
    One of these maybe?

  12. I’ve been trying to open the bottom case but I can’t find no screws or snaps and I haven’t been able to pry it open. I have a Lenovo G400. How to I get it open?

  13. Im guessing the blue board on the keyboard-cover in the last pic is the soundcard?
    I had an electrical shock go through my laptop and ever since the speakers wont work and the 3.5mm sound got very quiet… 🙁
    Thx in advance!

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