Dell Inspiron 13-7347Dell Laptop

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 7347 Disassembly and SSD, RAM, HDD upgrade options

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Dell Inspiron 13 7000 7347. I will remove the battery, RAM, hard drive, wireless card, palm rest, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can upgrade, repair and clean your Inspiron 13-7347.

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    • Laptop model: Dell Inspiron 13-7347, P/N: T4GTV A00, made in china.

Step 1: Remove bottom case
    • Remove ten screws from the bottom case.

    • Pry up and remove the bottom case

    • After the bottom case was removed, you can access the battery, hard drive, RAM, wireless card, speakers, heat sink and cooling fan.

Step 2: Remove the battery
    • Remove two screws securing the battery
    • Dell Inspiron 13-7347 comes with an 11.1v, 43wh Li-ion battery. Dell part number: GK5KY.

    • Remove the battery

Step 3: Remove touch stylus
    • Pull out the touch stylus.

Step 4: Remove RAM
    • Dell Inspiron 13-7347 only have one RAM slot.

    • The Dell Inspiron 13-7347 comes with a Samsung 8GB PC3L-12800s 1600MHz RAM.

Step 5: Remove the hard drive
    • Remove the screws securing the hard drive, disconnect the SATA cable from the motherboard, remove the hard drive.

    • Seagate 500GB 5400RPM hard drive

Step 6: Remove wireless card
    • Disconnect two antenna cables and remove one screw. You can remove the wireless card.

    • The wireless card

Step 7: Remove cable
    • The little board connecting to the motherboard via a cable

  • The cable
Step 8: Remove heat sink and cooling fan
    • Remove two screws securing the cooling fan. Loosen three screws securing the heat sink.

    • The heat sink and cooling fan have been removed.

Step 9: Remove the motherboard
    • Now you can access the motherboard.

    • The motherboard is very small.

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  1. I have one of this. I swapped out the hard disk with a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500Gb 7mm. It was very easy and I am very happy with the result. Apart from the improved performance, it also means that it runs silently most of the time (as the fan doesn’t come on very often) and it improves battery life.

    1. Hey, you say you switched your HD with a SSD? I’ve been trying to do the same and encounter an error at startup. No system image works. Seems the BIOS is rejecting ssd’s. Many people have been having this issue. Could you possibly give your tale of accomplishment?

      1. hi, you should enter bios, advanced bios features->Onchip SATA type->AHCI, select AHCI, then exit and save, your SSD will be work fine

  2. Hi, I also want to install the Samsung 840 EVO SSD, I know the existing drive is 7mm, will the housing fit a 9.5mm drive though? ‘


    1. Just a quick update on this, you CAN fit a 9.5mm hard drive into the Dell 7347, but only IF you remove it from the hard drive enclosure mounting brackets, or if you were to cut off the end of the enclosure bracket that sticks out to the left. The mounting bracket is what prevents the laptop from closing. However, the 9.5mm drive is so tight in there, there is no need for a mounting bracket.

      1. I can confirm that. Just put a 9,5mm hard drive in. Faulty Inspiron 13 7348 purchased with no hard drive or hdd enclosure/bracket. Managed to clip the back cover on and screw everything down and the hard drive is so tight against the back cover it wont move.

  3. Hola, estoy muy interesado en adquirir el Dell Inspiron 13 serie 7000, pero hay tres cosas que me preocupan:
    1º la tapa superior e inferior del portátil , es decir, la carcasa es de plástico gris o de aluminio ?. El plástico le quitaría encanto.
    2º Se puede cambiar el actual disco duro de 500 GB por un SSD de 250 GB o superior. En su caso , cual me recomendaría.
    3º He visto en algún comentario que la batería dura poco. Que se entiende por poco? Está en los niveles de otros equipos de mismas características o realmente es escasa la duración?
    Agradecería alguna ayuda la respecto y cuanto antes , pues preciso comprar un equipo.

  4. I think I’ll put in SSD as well. Right now I’m looking around for a replacement stylus that fits that slot, as my 3 yr old daughter bit the tip off of mine which rendered it useless. If anyone has a stylus and they don’t ever use it, I’ll Paypal you $20 for it! Or if someone knows where I can find a stylus identical to the stock stylus please share. Dell does not carry the stylus as a separate part.

  5. Hey, I’m going to change the HDD to SSD. Can I use the Win8.1 OEM license for a clean install ? How can I get the key and which iso version will I need ?

  6. Ok I just bought this and upgraded to the Samsung 7mm 120gb drive. no the 9mm will not have enough clearence. PLEASE do not open this computer with a flat head. I’m scared on the things you guys are posting. Use a credit card or guitar pick. run along the seams. Get a 16gb usb flash drive. Install the Dell recovery utility and create bootable media. Then after the bootable media is verified by booting from it. THEN you should replace the hard drive with a 7mm drive. NOT a 9mm.

    1. Hi Robert,

      This definitive confirmation that 9mm SSD would not fit will be very useful for us who plans to buy an SSD for this laptop.

      Appreciate your time to comment on this!

  7. I have a Samsung Evo 500Gb SSD in mine. It’s fantastic.

    Only issues …
    – The Samsung Migration software is pretty basic and couldn’t adequately detect the hard disk already in the notebook. However, Drive Clone 10 Free ( cloned ALL the partitions that were on the original drive. No need to reinstall anything :). There is probably other software that can do this too (e.g., EaseUS ?).
    – BUT although the computer runs fine, some of the recovery partitions are obviously not quite right as I cannot produce rescue media, so the previous reviewer’s recommendation to do this first is wise. I still have the original hard drive intact, so I can swap that back in and create the bootable media if I ever need to (or when I have time).

  8. I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade components such as the i3 Core to an i5 or better or the 4gb of ram to 8gb of ram? I know there are versions of this with 8gb of ram and obviously better cores than the i3 mine came with. Thanks for the help, and sorry for a silly question, i received this as a Christmas gift and just want to upgrade parts.

    1. You can almost certainly upgrade the RAM though you will have to take out the 4GB and replace it with 8GB. You cannot add to the RAM as their is only one slot.

  9. Thank you for this. It is very helpful.
    Do you know if there are any larger batteries for this?

  10. Thanks for the tear down. Wanted to check if I can upgrade the 8GB RAM to a higher capacity later, and if yes, what is the max RAM that this motherboard can support?

    1. Hi,
      has anyone tried to install a 16GB ram bank? Won’t it boot? Will it see only 8?
      I know that CPU supports 16


        1. I found them at around 150€ so I don’t think it’s too much.
          The problem I have is that I run some vm on my laptop (currently 12 go of ram) so 8 won’t be enough.
          Anyone? 🙁

          1. Intelligent Memory is the only company making a 16Gb ddr3 sodimm that I am aware of, and it is unbuffered ecc which means it will not work in any laptop. It is designed for the server market.

      1. Hi,
        I have tried installing 12 gb of Ram(8gb+4GB) and it works without issue. So, i think that installing upto 16 GB of Ram will also work.

        1. Great! In the meantime I’ve changed Idea and I’ve ordered an XPS 15 (4K screen seems very nice)

    2. I’ve had my Inspiron 13 7353 for a couple of months now and just today I finally received my single 16GB stick of memory to try it out on my Inspiron 7353. The results were positive and it showed up in BIOS and Windows 10 no problem. Upon first boot up, the system notifies me that there’s been an upgrade in the quantity of memory, which is when I selected to go into the BIOS to verify the 16GB of memory. After verifying, I exited BIOS and booted right into Windows10 and again, verified in System control panel.

      This memory module was purchased from the Crucial memory website. You cannot search by this model (Inspiron 7353) since Dell only states that it will support 8GB. If you search for DDR3L PC3L-12800 • CL=11, Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3L-1600 • 1.35V you’ll find it for $179.99. Here’s the link to the 16GB module that I’m currently running in my 7353.

      1. Hey Sean when you opened the laptop did it say it supports ddr4 on the motherboard? Or did dell hid that info for preventing us to install it. Let me know

  11. SA, which model do you have, i was under the impression there was only 1 ram slot, not room for and 8+4 stick.

  12. Yeahhhh! Out of a sadden the laptop started to shutting down and again on and off for 6 or 7 times. I run all the dell tests and everything is OK…(???!!!). Since the laptop spends alll the time inside a pouch from leather and absorving material and when i take it to my school there is nothing happened until now, I can say that there is no accident happened. I will try the Greek support to see what will happen this time…

  13. Would there be any batteries with a higher Whr that would be compatible? Forgive my ignorance, but what would be the prospective problems with a larger capacity battery?
    If there aren’t any problems with it, does anyone know of a battery that would work? I would love to put a 60 whr battery in instead of the 43 whr one that is in by default….

  14. If you still own this, can you tell me, does the SD card slot support the sd3.0 or sd4.0 standards, and what is the maximum speed it can achieve? (i.e is it worth buying a big sd card to act as extra storage?) This info is NEVER provided on any machines, but for photographers it’s useful! Does it have the extra row of UHS-II pins or will it reach UHS-I speeds with a good SD card (around 100Mb/s?)

  15. Does Dell inspiron (7353) support DDR4 ram. its powered by 6th gen Intel core i7 6500U skylake processor. Please let me know. Thank you

      1. Any support for ddr4 sodimm in this model is unannounced.
        Yes it will fit, Yes the processor supports it. The only way to find out as this is still a new model is to try for yourself.
        I have ordered this model and have a stick of ddr4 sodimm, if it works I’ll update.

  16. FOR THOSE WITH THE DISPLAY DRIVER ERROR and than recovered WE SEE USUALLY ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER SOMETIMES when browsing. The Error can be fixed. check below

    To make the error go away, we need you to Disable the Hardware Acceleration option for the web browser

    Using Internet Explorer:

    To disable Hardware Acceleration, launch the Internet Explorer browser and click the Tools icon in the upper-right corner. Click Internet Options then click the Advanced tab. Under Accelerated Graphics, put a check mark next to the option Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

    Using Mozilla Firefox:

    To turn it off, launch the Firefox browser, click Options and then go to Advanced. Uncheck the box next to “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.”

    Using Google Chrome:

    Open the Chrome browser, type-in: chrome://flags in the Search bar then hit Enter. Scroll down till you find “GPU compositing on all pages”. Select the option “Default” and change it to “Disabled”. Click on the “Relaunch now” button to confirm settings.

  17. Hello.

    Does anyone know if the 7353 special edition model supports dell active stylus 2. Let me know. I found a video where they demonstrated that the sylus works but the model is last year 7352 I think. There are mixed reviews out there for some its working and for some it isn’t so let me know if you have tried the active stylus with the new dell 7353 with the 6th gen core i7 6500U

  18. @Darkpacifist. Did the DDR4 ram work ? can you provide me the link of the DDR4 where you purchased it from (model number). Thanks

  19. Hi. If anyone still has the 13″ 7347 Inspiron and has torn it down. I spilled coffee on the keyboard and ordered a replacement. I cannot find a how-to anywhere online on how to change just the keyboard and not the frame or palm-rest, as a whole. Has anyone gone farther than the directions above and gotten to, or replaced, the keyboard? Thanks!

    1. To replace keyboard on Dell Inspiron 13-7347, you need to remove all internal parts to access the keyboard. You can download a serivce manual from Dell website.

        1. I cannot find any manuals that show how to remove the keyboard from the keyboard palmrest unit. Anyone have any information on this process? Thank you.

  20. I am still looking for instructions to remove the keyboard from the palmrest frame and just replace the keyboard only. Does anyone know how to replace the keyboard part of the frame?

    1. Niki, not sure that it can be done. I have stripped an Inspiron 13 7359 right down to the palmrest/keyboard and I do believe it is a single unit with the keyboard plastic welded onto the palmrest.
      I have another faulty unit to look at soon so I’ll update this message if I find anything different.

  21. I ordered a stylus that came with it by chatting and telling the guy I lost the one that came with it if you email me Il give you the part number and you can call and get it does anyone know if they make a stylus that you can use like the surface and actually touch the screen while you write I got the 13 7353

  22. My 13-7347 come with 1080*720 display but I am aware that there is another version comes with 1980*1020 display. Since my screen have a problem can I upgrade the display?

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