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Dell XPS 13 9343 Disassembly and SSD, RAM upgrade options

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Dell XPS 13 9343 to remove the bottom case, battery, SSD, wireless card, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can upgrade, repair and clean your Dell XPS 13 9343.

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Remove eight screws securing the bottom case.

Open the XPS nameplate.

Under the XPS nameplate, you can find a hidden screw. Remove the screw.

Pry up and remove the bottom case.

Under the bottom case, you can access the battery, wireless card, SSD, speaker, heat sink and cooling fan.

Remove all screws securing the battery.

Disconnect the battery power cable from the motherboard.

Dell XPS 13 9343 come with a 7.4v, 52wh Li-ion battery, Dell model: JD2SG.

The touchpad is under the battery, connecting to the motherboard via a white cable.

Remove one screw securing the SSD.

SSD slot type is M.2 NGFF.

Dell XPS 13 9343 come with 128GB M.2 SSD, Dell part number: 0FJX63.

Remove one screw securing the wireless card and disconnect two antenna cables.

Broadcom DW1560 wireless card

Remove all screws securing the motherboard. Disconnect the cooling fan cable, LCD cable, touchpad cable, speaker cable from the motherboard.

Dell XPS 13 9343 motherboard has been removed.

Dell XPS 13 9343 cooling fan

On the back of the motherboard, you can find the RAM chips.

Micron RAM chips

Remove four screws securing the heat sink.

3.5mm headphone jack, USB port and HDMI port

The fifth-generation Intel Core processor

USB port and card reader

Left speaker

Right speaker

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  1. Regarding the HDMI port, I thought you would like to know that it is a Display Port rather than an HDMI Port. Thanks for the website. It truly helps all of us Dell XPS fanatics. Mine is in production right at this moment.

  2. You did such a great job on the tear down, but you didn’t say which tools you used. For example, I need to which size and type screw driver to buy for the back screws. Could you list all the tools and sizes you used to do the tear down? Thanks!

    1. As an update, you will need a small Philips screwdriver, a T05 screwdriver and a small flat head to pry with. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the picture.

    What about the screen. I have a broke FHD screen. I want to upgrade to QHD. Can the plastic frame of the FHD be taken out, and replaced by the glass version of the QHD?

    1. i think you may can not upgrade to QHD, your lcd cable not support QHD, however, you can contact dell to confirm it

      1. So the main concern is the cable? If the replacement QHD+ screen came with the appropriate cable, would that mean that it is possible?

  4. hi david,
    I am planning to remove the metal panel on my Dell XPS13, could you tell me, what is the size of Torx screws on the Dell XPS13.
    1. what kind (or size) of screwdriver should I use for this? thanks.

    2. I am planning to upgrade 128GB SSD, what type (name or number) should I look for?

    Appreciate your reply!

    1. Tom, as mentioned in my comment above, you will need a T05 screwdriver. 🙂 As for the upgrade on your SSD, you can throw in any SSD brand and size you’d like. I believe the supported SSD dimension size is 2.5″.

  5. You said at the beginning you would cover the cleaning of the XPS 13, but there’s nothing on that. Can you tell us recommended method to clean this type of screen?

    Thanks for the site!

  6. To upgrade SSD, what is the maximum SSD capacity supported by this laptop (XPS 13 model 9343)
    Where I can found a list of compatible SSD?
    What is the recommended maximum capacity SSD, brand, model and capacity.?

  7. To upgrade the SSD of the XPS-13 model 9343, what is the easy, less costly and more efficient way to clone the SSD?
    Is there a video that explain the clone process?

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