Lenovo Thinkpad X1

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Disassembly

For those who haven’t disassembled the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon notebook, it’s with a certain degree of difficulty to do it, in fact, it’s not difficult to disassemble the Thinkpad X1 at all. Just to remove all screws on the back cover and then it’s quite easy to take it apart.

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First, remove all the visible screws on D panel.

Open the hard disk. The hard disk can be directly pumped out.

It comes standard with 34nm process Intel X25-M G2 160G SSD.

It does not support the interface docking station, but it can connect the battery base.

The keyboard diversion hole on the D panel, which is one of the Thinkpad characteristics.

Unscrew all the screws on the D panel, and the keyboard can be directly pried.

There are two cables, and the narrow one is for the keyboard backlight control.

Remove the cable, as shown in the photo.

The removed keyboard

The C surface after removing the keyboard

The CPU cooler uses a dual heat pipe design. There is only one memory slot.

It’s with 3G card antenna, but it seems that the PCI-E slots are not enough.
The only full-size PCI-E slot has been occupied by mSATA SSD.

The QM67 chip used by the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon motherboard, auxiliary cooling through the C surface casing

The removed C surface casing, which is magnesium alloy + ABS plastic composite structure, the plastic material at the wrist rest can effectively isolate from the heat.

After removing the C surface casing, the motherboard and the battery can be completely seen.

Intel 310 80G SSD, mSATA port, 34nm process, MLC

The Bluetooth module is housed at the right wrist position.

It uses the built-in battery design, as shown, the battery has been removed.

The battery capacity is 39Wh.

After removing the battery, the screen hinges also need to be removed.
On the rear of the laptop, there are two screws beside the hinges, just unscrew them.

The removed screen

A close-up of the screen hinge

After taking down the screen, you can tear down the motherboard.

The D surface casing after removing the motherboard, which is made of magnesium alloy material

The label here gives the information that the metal chassis is OEM by Foxconn.

Though the radiator is with dual heat pipe design and copper material, the fan size is too small, the air flow is not high, as well as the non-low-voltage CPU, which eventually leads to the result that the X1 actual operating temperature is not ideal.

The back of the radiator

The front view of the motherboard. The i5-2520M is with BGA package and soldered directly to the motherboard. It can’t be replaced.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Motherboard rear view

A group photo of the small parts, the model of ThinkPad X1 standard wireless network card is 6300AGN.

It is with excellent workmanship. Although the accessories are simple, the process is still high-end.

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