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Lenovo Yoga 2 13 Disassembly

In the following guide, I will disassemble a Lenovo Yoga 2 13 ultrabook.

Most internal components in this model can be replaced after you remove the top cover assembly. I will remove the hard drive, keyboard, RAM module, fan heat sink assembly, speakers, palm rest and motherboard, refer to this guide, you can upgrade and repair your Lenovo Yoga 2 13.

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Before taking it apart, make sure the laptop is turned off.

Unscrew all the screws from the bottom case.

Now the bottom case was removed.

Bottom case

When the case was removed, you can see the battery, hard drive, cooling fan, wireless card, and motherboard.

The laptop comes with a 4520mah Li-polymer battery. Lenovo part number: L13M6P71.

Disconnect the white cable, remove four screws securing the hard drive module, remove the hard drive module from its bay.

This Lenovo Yoga 2 13 installed a 500GB Western Digital ultra slim hard drive.

Disconnect two wireless antenna cables.
Remove one screw securing the wireless card.

The laptop featured an Intel® Wireless-N 7260 wireless card, the card support 802.11n, 2×2, 2.4-GHz, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Remove three screws securing the cooling fan and loosen four screws securing the heat sink.

Lenovo Yoga 2 13 heat sink and cooling fan assembly

The cooling fan is available in our parts store, go to our store.

Here’s speaker module.


Intel® Core™ i5-4210U processor (3M Cache, up to 2.70 GHz)

Now you can get access to the keyboard and touchpad.

For more guides, check out the Lenovo Yoga 2 13 device page.

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  1. I have a lenovo yoga 2 13…

    I recently spilled coffee on the keyboard and some of the keys are not working. I was hoping to remove the keyboard and clean it. do I have to remove the motherboard and everything to get to the keyboard? Or can the keyboard be removed from the top of the keyboard?

    Would just spraying the keyboard with Deoxit (electronics cleaner) be a bad idea?

  2. Hi,
    Can you please tell me where is Msata slot? I’ve heard about ppl upgrading the memory on this thing.
    Also is the HDD replaceable or no. I’ve read SATA is soldered to connector or something. Can I swap 500 HDD with 1TB.


  3. I was looking for the same info and i believe I see the slot on these pictures.

    It looks like the m2 ssd should be mounted beside the HDD (the black area that can be seen on the picture were there is ‘nothing else’). I also looks like it has to be a ‘long’ one (not a short one since there is no place to fasten the supporting screw then).
    The actual slot is just beside the wlan card at the edge of the systemboard (not occupied in any of these pictures).

  4. There is still confusion with all the different posts I am seeing on the internet , the lenovo 13 ( not the pro model) can be upgraded with SSD, RAM and processor or not ?
    Majority posts suggest SSD can be added in beside the HDD with SSD cache, but few posts mention then it would become secondary storage, not the primary!
    Most say RAM is soldered, cannot be upgraded at all.
    Very rare posts about future upgrading the i5 processor to i7.

  5. @Mir
    I’ve done a lot of research and looked into lenovo forum also talked to lenovo sales rep and tech support.

    Following is the conclusion:
    The cheaper Yoga 2 13 come with 500GB WD 5 mm HDD. This HDD is only available to vendors. This HDD can’t be upgraded as thr connectors are specific to what lenovo is using. It also has some ssd component for fast caching.
    In the above model m.2 msata slot is empty. A m.2 drive can be installed and OS can be cloned on it.

    Now If u get the higher end yoga 2 13 with 250gb ssd. In this model HDD will be empty and m.2 ssd will be installed by default meaning no room for upgradability we thr connectors on hdd sata slot are lenovo specific.

    Also on any of the Yoga 2 13 models Processor and ram are soldered. WiFi card is user excess able and changeable but lenovo is using white list bios meaning only the cards allowed will work.

  6. Hi F Khan

    Thanks for your clarification. When you say the OS can be cloned on the SSD drive that we add, is there any kind of restriction or limitation wherein you can completely remote it from the primary drive and later use the primary drive as only storage or maybe get rid of it to make it lighter?

    And really how bad is the performance with the Wifi card that everyone is rushing to change it? I have read those forums where only certain WiFI cards in the whitelist are working though.

    Have you upgraded to SSD ? If yes how do you find the performance and I ‘ve read some places with the original HDD its quite noisy and slow.

  7. I am holding off buying this laptop till black Friday. Hopefully it will be even cheaper by that time. To answer your questions from all the different forum info I have gone thought:

    I wouldn’t get rid of the original drive as it has its own connector and you won’t have much difference between weight maybe 0.3 or 0.4 pounds. Just use it for storage. The original HDD will always be much slower it’s a HDD not SSD and and will make a little noise because of spinning.

    If u don’t have requirement for it and want something lighter I would suggest just go with higher end model which comes with m.2 sata and has no HDD in main sata port. Or just get yoga 2 pro which is thinner and lighter than yoga 2 13.

  8. The Lenovo store rep in India tells me that the RAM in yoga 2 can be upgraded just like the yoga 1, by removing the keyboard. The Lenovo India site also says that RAM is upgrade able to 8GB. But most of the folks on the web say its soldered. In your snapshots, I do not see the RAM anywhere soldered or otherwise. Please clarify.

  9. I currently have the Yoga 2 13 (not pro) with 500GB HDD and would like to increase the speed and reaction time. Would it be best to keep the 500GB HDD and add the 128 GB M.2 SSD and have them work together, or replace the HDD with a 512 GB M.2 SSD?

  10. Hi I’m trying to take the cover off the bottom. I undid the screws and began trying to pry it off, but it won’t come easily and I’m scared of breaking something. I there anything I need to know and look out for? thanks

    1. I have exactly the same problem as Luke before: All screws are unscrewed, but I cannot remove keyboard nor buttom case without strong force which I do not dare to apply. I want to exchange keyboard which ordered from lenovo already.

      What are we doing wrongly?

      1. Hi Thomas

        I got my cover off in the end. It does come but it needs to by pried off by slipping something in between the casing and the computer and sliding it around the edges and prying. So I (carefully) used a butter knife and did it that way. It basically clips on and off, and then the screws are there to hold it in place on a permanent basis.

        hope this makes sense

  11. Hello! I’ve got a Yoga 2 13 (non pro). Can you tell me if the cpu (core i3) can be upgraded to a core i5 or core i7 please? Thank you very much!

    1. Bill, it would be nice to be able to upgrade a laptop/ultrabook in this matter, but I’m afraid that for the Yoga 2 13 (or anything in the Yoga series), this just isn’t the case. As with most mobile computing devices, the only manner in which the processor can be upgraded is to replace the main (mother) board. Effectively you would be exchanging your entire ultrabook for another. That’s why I always tell people that when you order a mobile device, be sure to get the processor that you want, because there will be no available upgrade. Also, the RAM on these units is soldered for the main board. So if you don’t have the 8 GB of RAM that I have on my Yoga 2 13, you would be able to upgrade that either, BTW. Hope this helps…

  12. Hey,
    I have Lenovo Yoga 2 13 / Intel i7-4510U 2G / RAM 8 G / SSHD 500G+8G
    Can you please advise; where can I buy a new motherboard?
    The Motherboard was damaged (miss-use), actually the USB 3.0 was damaged first, then by mistake one day I plug the power cord into the USB 3.0, it hangs-up immediately… Now when I try to turn it on, it tries to run for 5 seconds only, then automatically turned OFF…
    Lenovo service agent told me I should replace the motherboard, but it will take long time to make an international order through them (in addition to the high cost they request)..
    Can you please help me …
    Thanks …

      1. I did that David, and deliver the laptop to Lenovo service center; then after 24 hours they told me that they need to replace the motherboard, and its not available now, so they will request it from outside, which will take long time and cost between $550-$650 !!!

  13. What kind of screw driver did you use?
    My laptop, every time I open it, it looks like the hinge snaps with the back cover of the laptop and displaces it. I’m thinking I need to get in there and tighten the screws on the hinge.

    Let me know,

  14. Hi there, I recently tried to upgrade the hard drive on the yoga 2 13 and broke the white and blue ribbon cable that connects above the hdd. The screen now wont turn on when powered on. Could the broken ribbon cable be responsible? Thanks

  15. Hi David et al – I put the power supply into the USB at the right side. after that the laptop is not starting … power buttons lit up but nothing comes up on the screen. what could be the problem? is there any component I can buy and replace? I dont think the laptop is under warranty or so. Please HELP!

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