Acer Aspire 4820TGAcer Laptop

Acer Aspire 4820TG Disassembly Manual

Need Tools:
Phillips screwdriver

Step 1
Removing the memory cover

The procedure is very simple. Unscrew the five screws and then use a plectrum to force the edges of the laptop to remove the cover.

I recommend that you keep the screws in the position where you found them to be sure not to miss to position them during reassembly. In any case, I have marked with different colors with the different screws that you will encounter.
remove memory cover screws
remove memory cover

Step 2
Removing hard drive

In order to replace the hard disk, you have to unscrew the two screws that I have marked in the picture below.
remove screws

Once this is done, you can pull off the clear plastic tab on the metal piece.
pull off the clear plastic tab

The hard drive will be free to come off after pushing it to the left (and therefore disconnected from its connector SATA)
Removing hard drive

Step 3
Removing the optical drive

Unscrew one screw and pull outward.
remove optical drive screws

Removing optical drive

Step 4
Removing the RAM

Ram modules are held in place by two metal side rails. You have to push them to the outside to make sure that the module may be lifted by only with the possibility to remove it.
Removing the RAM

Step 5
Removing wireless card

The wireless card is located near the RAM module. You have to unscrew one screw and remove the cables of the two antennas.
Removing wireless card

Step 6
Removing the keyboard

Unscrew all the screws are located under the laptop. As usual, I marked with different colors with the different types of screws.
remove keyboard screws

On the other hand, we have to remove the keyboard. You can see small pieces of plastics. They are still going towards the outside to make sure to unlock the keyboard. I have marked their position in the picture below.
unlock the keyboard

unlock the keyboard from top
Here’s how they look seen up close.

Warning: when you pull the keyboard towards you do not crush the ribbon cable that connects to the motherboard (you could ruin the keyboard and the motherboard connector).

There is a need to raise the black lever of the connector to pull out the ribbon cable of the keyboard.
Removing the keyboard

At this point, you have to unscrew all other screws that were hidden by the keyboard. In addition, you have to disconnect all the cables from their connectors flat.

remove screws under the keyboard

disconnect three cables
Special connectors to the free position to release the cables

disconnect cables
And here’s a snap connector and its cable head thrust out.

That’s left to do now is insert a shim between the top cover and the bottom cover of the laptop. I used the usual guitar pick.

There are joints to push that I’ve marked in the photos below.

I also put a photo of the view from the rear top cover should you need to replace the power on or output optical drive and one with all the screws ordered.

separate palm rest
unlock the snap
unlock palm rest
remove palm rest
the back of palm rest

Step 7
Removing the Motherboard
The motherboard is held in place by only two screws.
But first, you need to disconnect the cables from their connectors.
remove motherboard screws
disconnect video cable
disconnect fan cable
disconnect this cable
disconnect toucpad cable
disconnect speaker cable
disconnect the cable

At this point, the motherboard is off quite easily by lifting it from the right side.

Step 8
Removing the CPU

The CPU and GPU share the same heat sink. So we will have to unscrew all the screws that hold it firmly attached to both.
remove heat sink screws

remove heat sink

In order to remove the CPU (for a possible upgrade to Intel i5 or i7), you must now turn counter-clockwise the black screw that is located on the socket.
remove CPU

At this point, you can remove the CPU.
Acer Aspire 4820TG CPU

For more guides, check out the Acer Aspire 4820TG device page.

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