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Asus ZenFone 2 Teardown

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Asus ZenFone 2 to remove the back cover, battery, camera and motherboard. Refer to the guides. You can replace the battery or repair your ZenFone 2.

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Asus ZenFone 2 back cover can be removable, and there is a slot in the lower right corner of the fuselage, you can easily remove the back cover.

1. Removing the back cover

The back cover with PC + ABS material, flexibility is good, the bottom is marked with Intel logo, its mean Zenfeone 2 using an Intel processor.

NFC coil on back cover

2. Removing the middle frame
Remove fourteen screws securing the middle frame. You can remove the volume button and middle frame.

ZenFone 2 volume control cable was fixed by double-sided adhesive tape, the top of the middle frame is integrated a WI-FI, Bluetooth and GPS antenna, the bottom of the middle frame is integrated communication antenna.

3. Removing the volume control cable
Here’s volume control cable.

4. Removing the speaker
Remove the speaker module.

5. Removing the bottom board
Now remove the little circuit board, there is a noise-canceling microphone on the front of the little circuit board, on the back of the little circuit board, there is a vibrator.

The circuit board

6. Removing the battery
Remove the Asus zenfone 2 battery. Because the SIM tray fixed on the battery, so replace the battery is a little trouble.

Micro SIM and Micro SD were fixed on the battery.
The Asus ZenFone 2 battery replacement guide is very easy. To replace the battery, you need to remove the SIM card tray module from the battery. It is fixed on the battery by glues.

ZenFone 2 uses a 3.8V 3000mAh lithium polymer battery. Model: C1191424, ATL cells.

7. Remove the motherboard

Remove rear-facing camera, front-facing camera and earpiece.

The motherboard is manufactured by Taiwan COMPEQ. The front of the motherboard integrated a light proximity sensor, 3.5mm headphone jack, rear camera, front camera connector interface, power supply, lock key button. The back of the motherboard integrated a noise-canceling microphone, LED lights. Intel 64-bit processor and 4GB RAM was packaged together.

Realtek ALC5647 audio decoder chip
Broadcom BCM4339 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM chip
TI RPA2080D1 audio amplifier
Intel PMB9933 4G baseband processor
Intel PMB6830 power management chip
Winbond W978H6KBVX 256MB DDR2 SDRAM
Skyworks SKY77597-11 RF power amplifier
SK Hynix 4GB ROM + Intel Atom Z3560 processor
Broadcom BCM20795 NFC chip

Intel PMB8818 GSM, GPRS, BT4.0 transceiver
Broadcom BCM47531A1 GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS receiver
Intel PMB5747 power management chip
Murata LMSWX antenna switch
Skyworks SKY7851 antenna switch
Skyworks SKY77627-11 RF power amplifier
Qualcomm SMB1357 fast charging chip
SanDisk SDIN8DE4-32G RAM
Skyworks SKY7006 antenna switch

For more guides, check out the Asus ZenFone 2 device page.


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  1. Battery nearly impossible to remove, completely glued to phone. We punctured the battery using something sharp trying to remove it. Can’t find replacement battery anywhere, do you have any sources for this battery to be purchased?

      1. U can buy online and make purchases..visit lazada ur you just google the web to find any suppliers for the battery.ones of my fovourite is can easily find what you need in luck

    1. Not true — battery not glued down. Rather it almost falls out once you take the screws out (there might be a piece of double-sided tape which you have to gently release. But do be very careful to not puncture the battery — it is only wrapped in foil!

      Replacing the screen takes about 2 hours start to finish. Note that the digitizer and screen are virtually impossible to separate — don’t try to save $12 by purchasing only one of them — buy them as an assembly (about $25-35).

      You’ll need a heat lamp (or bulb) or hairdryer to soften the adhesive holding the screen to the mid-frame, and you’ll need about 16″ of some 1-2mm double-tape. Rolls are cheap, will last you a lifetime.

      If you’re my age (60) the magnifying visors with builtin light are definitely worth the $10-12 you’ll pay for them.

          1. I checked this link but there isn’t service manual. I don’t want USER MANUAL. I’m looking for SERVICE MANUAL (included the electics schematics).

            Thanks for your help

  2. Hi, I noticed that on the second image of motherboard, with chips description, the Intel pm 88818 chip is marcked with wrong color squear!
    And how did you take of the metal cover of the Broadcom BCM43531A1 (gps, glonas) chip? It seems to be soldered to motherboard..
    My phone has been in water, now gps does not work, I have to fix it..((


  3. I have ZE551ML version and every time the screen get warm enough my screen starting move it self.. what should i do to fix it..?
    But for temporary it can be fixed using elektric lighter by click it on screen..

    1. It appears the lcd is effecting the digitizer by heat or pressure.
      To solve this you need to leave the screws on the cover a bit loos , but pleace some thin foan under the cover to keep the parts firm.
      In fact it seems thr screws on the cover is creating uneven gap betweeh LCD and digitizer.

      By loosening the screws problem improves and a bit of thin foam in proper points keeps parts safe

  4. I disassembled my asus as the acceleration sensors got stuck, removed the battery and that didn’t work. Then assembled it back and hit it hard, that solved the problem. Now, when connecting through USB the phone charges but it is not recognized by the PC. I’d appreciate any help.


    1. Hi, it appears sim card flex cable connection to the usb board is gon loose , try to lift the connection bar and re set it again.

  5. I have broken the power on button for Asus zenfone 2 z551 ml mobile… I t has lost its shouldering point too… How can i fix it through any alteration…..please send me on my what’s app number 7789202997… Please its very urgent…. I’m also a mobile repairer…. But I don’t have its circuit… Thats why I’m asking u…….

  6. My phone battery stuck at 50% and to turn on it i need to plug the charger. When i unplugged the charger it will soon turn off again.

    I have charged it overnight, but still the battery level at 50%. Also still need to plug the charger to turn on it.

    This happen after i forget to charger my phone and drained the battery to 0%. I have change the

  7. Hey, i know this an old post, but i recently recieved from a friend a zenfone 2 Z008, he was medling with ut and it work fine, and he gave it to me but the flex for charge port was not properly set, so i manage to fix it as well the camera postion, BUT here is what happen I accidently ripped the antenna port cable on the big board, and now there is no signal showing for both 2 sims card, is there a way to fix without to replace the mother board, thank you in advance.

    1. Hi , you might be out of luck with this one , but you can try something as last chance.
      If you look at the anttena port closely, it had a center .. So if you unshield the cable and try to solder the center of the cable to the same point the cable connections port came off , it might work … It is a very fine operation make sure you take your time .. The success rate is 50/50 , i hope this helps.

    2. Hi , you might be out of luck with this one , but you can try something as last chance.
      If you look at the anttena port closely, it had a center .. So if you unshield the cable and try to solder the center of the cable to the same point the cable connections port came off , it might work … It is a very fine operation make sure you take your time .. The success rate is 50/50 , i hope this helps.

  8. Will it matter if to solder it anywhere (where the port was before), because it has 2 legs on the board, you know like – or +, or it doesnt matter if its combined and blend.

  9. It does matter alot, u have to place it as it was. But if you don’t know how it was, you can try to turn the phone on, while it is apart, and put the socket with the wire connected to the board on the contacts, to check for signal.

  10. Will try and see what happen, i read other article that you can do a jumper and connect straight to one of the transistor, but i am not ready to do that until someone can give me a clear direction… 🙂

    1. Can`t say nothing about direct link, i mean it is possible i gues, but you beetter contact the falks at the forum you red that info.

  11. Thank you Axle and BP, i like this phone but to cough 70$ of mother board is just to much, here in indonesia sparepart is expensivo, so either a DIY solution or buy latest android.

  12. I am using a 551ml, one of the microphones make a lot of noise when activated, per the ssmi test process(BoardMic test). Would that be the one on the small pc board with the micro-USB or the other one on the motherboard? BoardMic2 is fine(the one used for speakerphone mode).

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