Dell LaptopDell XPS 13 L322x

Dell XPS 13 L322x Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Dell XPS 13 L322x to remove and replace the bottom case, battery, wireless card, SSD, speakers, USB board, cooling fan and motherboard. Refer to this guide, you can upgrade, repair and clean your XPS 13 L322x.

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Remove all screws from the bottom case.

Pry up the bottom case with a pry bar. There are some snaps fixed the bottom case, and you need to unlock these snaps.

Lift up the bottom case

The bottom case has been removed. Now you can get access to the battery, speakers, SSD, wireless card, heat sink and cooling fan.

To protect hardware, we need to remove the battery.
Disconnect the battery power cable from the motherboard.

Remove the yellow PCB cable.

Remove the screws securing the battery. You can remove the battery.
It installed a 7.4v, 55wh Li-polymer battery. Dell part number: C4K9V.

Disconnect the antenna cables and remove one screw. You can remove the wireless card.

It features an IntelĀ® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 wireless card. Dell part number: 0KTTYN, it is support for 802.11ac, dual-band, 2×2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Remove one screw securing the SSD and takes it away from mSATA slot.

The laptop installed a Toshiba 128GB mSATA SSD, Dell part number: 0T8MRJ.

Remove one screw.
Disconnect the cable from the motherboard. You can remove the cooling fan.

Dell XPS 13 L322x cooling fan come from SUNON.

Remove two screws securing the speaker and disconnect the speaker cable from the motherboard.

Dell XPS 13 L322x two speaker modules

USB board

Dell XPS 13 L322x motherboard

For more guides, check out the Dell XPS 13 L322x device page.


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  1. Hi good day i need some help with this exact laptop.
    Originally it came with windows 7 pro. i changed the boot order to usb and imidiately there was issues booting. the keyboard will light up but not display. eventually after countless tries it finally booted and i installed win 10 pro, updated all drivers and restarted and it has not came on since. only keyboard light but no display. I tried so many times and nothing. Now i hear the fan coming on but still no display can you assist please

  2. dell, XPS 13-L322X: Image failed to verify with access denied press any key to continue, please can you me out. i can not get into the bios to turn off secure boot, but the is no CMOS battery to reset and i am stuck with that message. i have try all possible combination to access the bios. Fn + F12, F12, F2, Fn + F2, Fn + power. please help.

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