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Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement and Removal

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Samsung Galaxy S4 to remove the back cover, battery, Front Glass, screen and motherboard. Refer to this guide. You can remove, replace the screen, front glass of your Samsung S4.

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This Samsung GalaxyS4 entire display was broken, not just the glass broken, so I need to replace the display.

Tools are needed.

Remove Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen

Remove the back cover and battery.

Remove nine screws securing the middle frame to the display assembly.

The middle frame is secured to the display assembly by several plastic snaps, release all the snaps.

Remove the middle frame.

The middle frame has been removed, in the next step. I will remove the motherboard.

Now I will remove the motherboard, and I need to wear anti-static gloves.

Disconnect the USB board connector.

Disconnect the display/digitizer cable connector.

Disconnect the antenna cable connector.

Disconnect the front-facing camera cable connector and earpiece speaker assembly cable connector.

Remove the screw securing the motherboard.

Remove the motherboard.

Remember to put the motherboard into the anti-static bag, so as not to hurt the motherboard.

Heat up the front glass for 3-5 minutes with a heat gun.

Use sucker slightly open the front glass.

Insert a card or picks pry up the front glass.

Remove the front glass.

My new display

Remove the old glue with tweezers.

Remove the old glue with detergent.
Now the Samsung s4 screen was removed, in the next step, we will see the galaxy s4 screen replacement guide.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen Replacement

Install the new double-sided adhesive film.

Remove the protective film from the new display.

Install the new display.

Fasten the display.

Now install the motherboard.

Install the USB board connector.

Install the front-facing camera cable connector and earpiece speaker assembly cable connector.

Install the display/digitizer cable connector.

Install the antenna cable connector.

Tighten the screw.

Install the middle frame.

Tighten nine screws.

It’s done!

That’s fully Samsung Galaxy S4 screen replacement process, hope to help you replace your damaged screen.
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