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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I will remove the back cover, battery, middle frame, rear camera, front camera and motherboard. Refer to the guide, you can repair your Samsung Note 4.

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Remove the back cover and battery.
Remove the screws securing the middle frame. Pry up and remove the middle frame.

Samsung Note 4’s middle frame is made of metal material. Note 4 transmitted antenna signals through a hole in the middle frame. The antenna module has been combined with the middle frame.

Speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack integrated into the middle frame.

After the middle frame was removed, you can access the Samsung Note 4 internal components.

The Micro USB port, Home key, dual-microphone receiver and antenna port integrated on a little board.

Samsung Note4 using the newest fingerprint recognition sensor

On the top of the phone, you can see the vibrator and earpiece speaker.

Most of Samsung Note 4’s chips are on the motherboard. It has a pretty nice design.

Rear camera and front camera, the front camera come with a light sensor and infrared sensor.

Samsung Note 4 is the first phone to use Sony IMX240 camera sensor and contains a built-in OIS.

Samsung Note4 uses the Winbond Q32F

Single LED flash and heart rate sensors on the motherboard.

Dual-micro SIM and SD slots

Samsung Note 4 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. In the photo is Qualcomm WCD9330 sound chip.

SIMG 8620 MHL chip. It supports 2K video resolution.

Qualcomm MDM9225M baseband chip, it’s does not support CDMA networks.

Skyworks 77597-11 RF chip

Qualcomm WTR1625L RF chip

WACOM W9012 touch screen pad chip

The ATMEL ATSAMG53 is based on the ARM Cortex M4 and consumes less power.

Samsung’s 3GB RAM chip and Qualcomm APQ8084 enclosed chip.

Qualcomm PMA808X power management chip

Qualcomm QFE110 mobile ET chip

Spreadtrum SC6500ES chip

Avago signal amplifier chips

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  1. Does the note4 Verizon developer edition, USA

    Have a dual Sim option? If indirectly please recommend a shim with support for vzw lte.

    Does n4ed USA have multiple wifi antenna as mimo to make switching a seamless [like preferable chipset Atheros? ]

    Does wifi n4ed play nicely with Atheros .11 ac in both 5 and 2.4? N150 or n150?

    Most importantly what is the phone CALLING AUDIO FIDELITY & signal reception/broadcast for lte, volte, 3g ?

    Why would anyone sane ever wrap a phone in neoprene or other heat insulating material?????

    How well does n4ed metal frame vent heat? Vs s5 plastic bits?

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