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Lenovo ideapad U410 Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Lenovo IdeaPad U410 to remove and replace the battery, hard drive, keyboard, palm rest, wireless card, RAM, heat sink, cooling fan, speaker and motherboard.

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First of all, turn over your laptop. Remove four rubber mats.

Note: no screws in the lower left corner of the mat.

Remove three screws from the bottom case.

Pry up the bottom case with a crowbar.

You can also use the guitar picks.

The bottom case has been removed.

Now you can get access to the battery, wireless LAN, memory, heat sink and cooling fan.

Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard.

The battery power cable has been removed.

Remove three screws securing the battery. You can remove the battery.

The laptop comes with a 7.4v, 59wh Li-polymer battery.

Remove the hard drive cable from the motherboard.

Remove three screws securing the hard drive assembly.

The hard drive assembly

If you want to replace or upgrade the hard drive, you need to remove four screws from the hard drive caddy.

Remove one screw securing the SSD and takes it away.

It comes with a 32GB Samsung mSATA SSD.

Remove the RAM. Lenovo IdeaPad U410 has two memory slots.

Disconnect two antenna cables.

Remove one screw securing the wireless card.

Wireless card

Disconnect the left speaker cable.

Left speaker

Now we will remove the USB board, lift up the black holder with your fingers.

Pull out the cable.

Remove two screws securing the USB board.

Now you can remove the USB board.

Disconnect the CMOS battery cable.

Disconnect the cooling fan cable.

Remove one screw securing the cooling fan. Loosen six screws securing the heat sink. You can remove the heat sink and cooling fan.

The heat sink and cooling fan

Remove the cooling fan. You can replace with a new cooling fan.

Now you can get access to the ivy bridge and GT610M Graphics chips.

Three Samsung chips

Disconnect touchpad cable and power indicator cable.

Disconnect LCD cable.

Disconnect power button and one key restore module cable.

Unplug the speaker and camera module connector from the motherboard.

Disconnect the power plug.

Remove all screws securing the motherboard.

The motherboard

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  1. I have an u410 touch the and plactic that supports the hinges to the to lid or the screen broke. Want to change the case I bought a new lid and everything but I am not been able remove the screen of the broken case.

    1. Is it possible to remove the screen from the case? If it is, can you please tell me how so I avoid breaking it.

    2. If its not possible to take the screen on what should I do. Just wait until lenovo get the parts to fix it because they are taking for ever, or just try my luck ……?

    1. you should remove the whole display assembly, then remove the screen, lcd cable, camera and other parts from old lid, then install it to your new lid, i suggest go to repair store

  2. Very helpful guide. Thanks for posting this.
    I tried to replace the hard drive with an SSD but now the laptop won’t power on, even after replacing the original hard drive. I disconnected the battery, then replaced the hard drive. No response to the power button. No activity. Any ideas?
    P.S. I have successfully replaced hard drives multiple times in the past without any problems.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  3. Whoever wrote that article you are my hero – thank you so much! There is not youtube video out there and I was about to take out the keyboard (or try to do so).
    I hope I will get it right – I really have to clean that fan!
    Thanks again!

  4. There are no visual indications about how to remove the integrated laptop keyboard. Can the author update this guide for abroad usefulness?.

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