Samsung ATIV Book 9 940X3GSamsung Laptop

Samsung ATIV Book 9 940X3G Disassembly

In this post, I will show you how to disassemble Samsung ATIV Book 9 NP940X3G to remove and replace the SSD, speakers, wireless card, cooling fan, bottom case and motherboard.

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Remove all screws from the bottom case.

When all screws removed, Pry up and remove the bottom case.

The Samsung NP940X3G comes with a Li-polymer battery, 7.6v, 7300mah, Samsung P/N: AA-PLVN4AR.

Samsung NP940X3G features dual cooling fan.

Speaker modules

Remove all screws securing the battery.
Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard. You can remove the battery.

Remove one screw securing the SSD and take it out from NGFF slot.
The laptop comes with a Samsung 128GB SSD, Samsung model: MZ-NTD1280/0KN.

Remove three screws securing the cooling fan.
Disconnect two fan cables from the motherboard. You can remove two cooling fans.

Wireless card

Disconnect the LCD cable from the motherboard.

The motherboard was removed.

Remove one screw.
Unplug two antenna cables. You can remove the wireless card.
The Samsung NP940X3G features an Intel® Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 wireless card, and it supports 802.11n, dual-band, 2×2 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

When the motherboard removed, you can access the touchpad and keyboard.

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  1. Hi David,

    Can you please tell me if you are familiar with the following error?

    When I start my Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus, I get the error: “Windows failed to start” and to fix it, the message says I have to insert the Windows installation disc and click “Repair your computer”.

    I’ve tried doing this but when it is booting up and I hit the F10 key to try and select another device to boot up from (so that it can boot up from the external CD drive that has the Windows installation disc), my cursor keys do not work so I cannot switch it to boot up from another device (only the F2, F10 and Enter keys work!). Since I can only hit the Enter key in this case, it boots up from the default hard drive and I get the same error again.

    Do you know if this appears to be a keyboard problem and can be fixed by replacing it with a new one? Or do you have any ideas on what I can try to fix this (possibly by opening it up and reconnecting something that might have come loose)?

    Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you!


  2. How did you remove the SSD? At first, I thought unscrewing a little screw next to the SSD was necessary but it looks like I don’t need to?

  3. Hi David,
    First thanks for taking the time to publish the info it was a great help. Do you have a post on removing the keyboard from the Ativ 940X?

    1. Hello Happy Thanksgiving!
      Did you ever get the info on removing the NP940X3G keyboard and if so could you tell me where to locate it?
      Thank You

  4. Hi, I am having trouble assembling the laptop again, the screews at the front dont seem to fit. Could it be the blue stuff on them? Any suggestions?

  5. hI could you please tell me the part number or name of the black flat wide cable that connects the sub board to the main board by the fans? it has a socket type connector at both ends. thnks.

  6. Hi. I accidentally jammed my headphone jack into the USB and now it’s loose – it only works if I keep constant upward pressure on it. Doh. Any advice on replacing the USB port? Is there a part number I should be looking for? Should I instead focus on soldering something back together? Thanks!

  7. Just finished disassembling my wife’s NP940X3G after she spilled water (most of a glass) on the keyboard. Your post was invaluable in providing guidance on how to disassemble the machine. Thanks very much for posting this!

  8. Hi, I recently spilled water on my laptop…after separating as shown in ur post above I blow dry it with a heat gun and leave it for another 5hr just in case I missed a spot. After reassembling the machine, I notice it only boot up for about 30sec and then turn off. I try using F2 to getting in the settings area which worked.. the machine stayed on in that mode with no problem..however, soon as I exited and try to boot it up again it only last for about 30 sec..any advise?

  9. Hi, There is some problem with the charging circuit of my laptop. The laptop doesn’t boots up no and the battery is also not getting charged. It does not work with AC power also. The issue occurred because of a faulty charger which had a different polarity. I can’t see anything on the motherboard which is burnt.
    Can anyone help?

    1. The memory of this laptop is soldered on the motherboard, and there is no reserved memory slot, so you cannot upgrade the memory.

  10. Do you have a part number for the ribbon cable connecting the motherboard sides (It reads SUB and MAIN on it) and it in the 5th picture of the document? This has been cut on mine and I need a new one.


  11. Hi, I have a problem with the left speaker, but it’s not the speaker module because if I put the left module on the right side the sound works ok. And I put the right module on the left side and not sound. Some idea how can I fix it?
    Best regards and thanks a lot.

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