Toshiba LaptopToshiba Portégé Z30-A

Toshiba Portégé Z30-A Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Toshiba Portégé Z30-A to remove and replace the battery, SSD, keyboard, wireless card, RAM, heat sink, cooling fan, speaker, and motherboard.

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Remove all screws from the bottom case.

Some screws are hidden under the rubber mat.

Open the bottom case.

Toshiba Portégé Z30-A bottom case was removed.

Now you can get access to the battery, wireless card, RAM, SSD, DC jack, speaker, heat sink, cooling fan and motherboard.
Remove four screws securing the battery, disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard, you can remove the battery.

The laptop comes with a 14.8v, 52wh Li-ion battery.

Separate two clips, the RAM will popup automatically.

It comes with two Samsung 4GB PC3L-12800S 1600MHz RAM, Toshiba part number is G4BC000207S0.

Remove two screws securing the SSD, take it away from its slot.

The Toshiba Portégé Z30-A comes with a Toshiba 256GB SSD.

Disconnect two antenna cables, remove one screw securing the wireless card, you can remove the wireless card.

Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 wireless card with Bluetooth 4.0

Remove two screws securing the heat sink.
Remove two screws securing the cooling fan. Now the heat sink and cooling fan can be removed.

Toshiba Portégé Z30-A heat sink and cooling fan

In the next step, we will remove the motherboard.
Disconnect all cables connecting to the motherboard. Remove the screws securing the motherboard.

The motherboard has been removed.

The back of the motherboard

For more guides, check out the Toshiba Portégé Z30-A device page.

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  1. Hi David,

    got a hint for this website regarding a Z30 Satellite.

    Many thanks for your work and good documentation + pictures!

    Keep on working, M

  2. Hi

    A brilliant and crystal clear tear-down. Incredibly useful. Ten out of ten.

    One question. My Z30 is still under warranty and I might be tempted to upgrade some parts – especially the SSD.

    Are there any obvious security/tamper features on the laptop that might indicate I’d opened the case and swapped-out the SSD – thus allowing Toshiba to tell me my warranty was invalid?

    Would be really helpful to know. Thanks.

    1. hello, have you been able to upgrade ssd ?
      i want to do the same (with a samsung 500go).
      did you have any issue ?

  3. Hi,

    Fantastic guide. The photography skills are also quite impressive.

    If I only want to change the keyboard (I want to change a Scandinavian one to a US one), do I have to disassemble the entire laptop or is it possible to replace the keyboard without removing the back covers?


    1. Hi Bryan,

      It’s very hard to change the keyboard because it is glue with adhesive on almost all the surface of the keyboard.

      I am informatician and we have done this operation last month to replace the azerty keyboard with a qwerty.
      We have had lucky to succeed but there is still a part of this keyboard and .
      we used super-glue to attach the new keyboard because when we removed the keyboard some adhesive detached and can’t be reuse.
      You need four hands to do this.

      Best regards,

      Paul (Fr)

      1. Hi,

        Just a quick question. Was it necessary to remove the back cover of the laptop to replace the keyboard, or did you just remove it from the top?


        1. Hi,

          It is necessary to remove the back cover to replace the keyboard since it is connected to the motherboard (2 cables you can see at the top of the battery near the screw on the left)


          1. Thank you. Are you able to highlight the exact cable to disconnect for the keyboard. My laptop keyboard have been damaged by water and I just need to disconnect the keyboard as it is permanently ‘on’. So that I can plug and external keyboard to use it to retrieve data. Thanks.

  4. My Toshiba Portege Z30 has the problema that the cover falls down alone, goes back by his own wheight mass.

    It does not stop by friction or stop point.

    Anything I can do?

    Best Regards

  5. Hello David, this guide has helped a lot, but I need to figure out some thing and I don’t want to break it so I thought you might have an answer:
    I need to replace the back cover of the LCD. I opened it up and removed everything including the screen, but I cannot seem to reach the hinges, as they are covered in plastic.
    Any clues as to how to remove those?

  6. Hello, I would like to replace a speaker set. Do you know the exact name of the spare part? How is the procedure? Thank you in advance, this website is so helpful.

      1. Really? There are loads of different ones. I’m a bit confused. Any speaker set for a Toshiba Portege Z30-A is it compatible with different part number machines? Or is there a specific speaker set for a specific part number laptop? Thank you so much.

  7. Hi , I need to reset the Bios by removing the CMOS battery, is it the yellow encase items next to the main battery?

  8. Hi everyone,

    I tried to replace my Z30’s keyboard today and I have to say that the adhesive was so strong that I ruined the old one. The new keyboard definitely needs some new adhesive to stick down to the base. Tried to find one in eBay but it is far too expensive and it is not worth it.

    I decided to go and buy some ultra thin double sided adhesive film and put it where needed.

    Will send updates of how it went as soon as I complete the installation.

  9. Hello
    I’d have a used z30 with some missing screws on the bottom cover. Does anyone know which is the correct size to find for replacement?

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