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How to replace broken front panel on iPad 3, iPad 4

In this guide, I’ll explain how to remove and replace the front panel on iPad 3, iPad 4. Refer to the guides. You can repair your broken front panel.

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Tools are needed.

Turn off your iPad. Heat up the edge of the iPad screen for 3-5 minutes with a heat gun.

Use sucker open the front panel.

Open the front panel. You can find four screws securing the LCD screen. Remove the four screws.

Rotate the LCD along its left edge and lay it down on top of the front panel.

Disconnect the LCD cable.

Disconnect the front panel cable.

Now remove the LCD screen and front panel.

Remove the home button with mounting bracket from the front panel.

Install the home button on the new front panel.

Connect the front panel cable.

Connect the LCD screen cable.

Install four screws.

Now close the front panel.

It’s done!

For more guides, check out the iPad 3 device page.

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  1. The steps you have described are very clear and if we can do it then we can save a lot of money. But do you think it is completely safe to repair it at home? I mean its a costly thing so should we take risk?

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