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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro Disassembly

In the guide, I will show you how to disassemble Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro to remove and replace the battery, keyboard, SSD, wireless card, heat sink, cooling fan, bottom case and motherboard.

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Remove all screws from the bottom case.

When all screws were removed, you can pry up and open the bottom case.

Here’s bottom case.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro’s bottom case made of magnesium alloy.

The yellow area is the copper sheet. The main role is to shield electromagnetic interference.

Permanent magnet

When the bottom case removed, you can access the internal components. The battery takes up most of the space.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro comes with a 7400mah Li-polymer battery, Lenovo P/N: L12M4P21.

With the battery removed, you can see the magnesium alloy roll cage.

The speakers have a longer sound guide tube, which can get better bass.

Yoga 2 Pro cooling fan

Remove one screw securing the SSD and take it out.

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro comes with a Samsung 128GB mSATA SSD.

Remove one screw securing the card.
Unplug two wireless antenna cables.

The laptop features an Intel Wireless-N 7260 wireless card, and it supports 802.11n, 2×2, 2.4-GHz, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0.

The motherboard is divided into three parts, connected via a flexible PCB board.

Here’s motherboard

The board integrated a USB port and a DC power jack port.

The board integrated a USB port and a CMOS battery.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro’s CMOS battery

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  1. Thank you. This will be helpful I’m sure. Even us amateurs sometimes have to do our own repairs. Can you tell me why it has the magnets? It was a surprise to have staples stick to it.

  2. Excellent guide! What about the top cover – can that easily be replaced? My scenario is that I want to swap covers on two Lenovo Yoga 2 Pros, due to different color and internal specs…

  3. Hi Dee,

    If you mean the magnets in the case shells, I think they’re usually used with a magnetic switch in the body to sense when the lid has been closed. If you remove it you may be able to close your lid without putting the machine to sleep. (Although there may be less destructive ways of achieving the same thing within the operating system itself.)


  4. Anyone know if the motherboard has any open contacts to add a HD activity LED light? I know having and SSD, they thought “Why would you need and activity light, SSD’s are instantaneous,” but sadly Windows still sometimes take time to do stuff, and I really like having a physical activity light.

    I tried a virtual light that sits in the task tray, but I prefer the physical light.

  5. Thanks for the useful guide. I am sure it will come handy at some point. Can you please tell me how easy it is to fix a broken power button. The bower button light is on which probably means the connection is stilll OK but it is completely irresposive when pressed.

      1. I have the same problem. My power button is not working, but the power button light is on and also the NOVO button is functioning normally. Do I need to replace the power button card? or this can be just a driver issue?

  6. After battery replacement by service mic is not detected. A year later the wireless radio is not detected
    Can I fix it or should I send it to repair?

  7. My DC power jack port broke internally, wires are broken. I can replace it myself but can’t find the part. Called lenovo Tech support, they sent me to lenovo parts outsource co. They send me back to Tech support. I appear to be in a loop going no where fast. Does anyone know of a source? Thank you.

      1. Hi David,

        I did receive the link, thank you. The part number on my DC Jack states 3BBE yet the part they have listed is different. Perhaps it’s a substitute but it’s hard to tell. My model is the Lenovo Yoga 2 #2066. Thank you kindly for any help you can provide.


  8. Can you post a closeup of the left side fan on motherboard. You just have photos of the right side (ssd side) fan. Mine is grinding and I am comparing photos & part #’s online to replace it.

    Would love full resolution photos to be able to zoom in on part #’s etc….

  9. Can you tell me the product id of a replacement larger ssd drive. This does not seem to be the standard replacement ssds like the Samsung 850 that you would install in a larger laptop.???

  10. Hello,
    I need to replace Lenovo Yoga 2 pro (model 20266) mother board. The current motherboard config is Intel i7, 8gb. Other than ebay, are there any other US online stores that i can purchase refurbished or new mother board ? Please let me know..
    Thanks in advance,

  11. I have lost x2 screws from the rear of my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop, as shown in the photos above. Are you able to tell me the size of the screw?

  12. Nice job. I am digging into an elderly Yoga Pro 2 i7. The old girl still has some life in her. It runs Win 10 with no problems.
    It was always running hot so I finally go around to having a look inside. When I separated the cooler from the CPU I was shocked. Being a old-time tech I have seen my share of gobbed up thermal grease applications, this one takes the cake. Small wonder it was running to hot. They must have turned up the speed on the assembly line when this one was put together.
    Anyway Thanks for the still pictures. They are far more useful than a YouTube video where all you see is some hands and no offense but a narrative from the caster who first language is not English and sometimes difficult to understand. You have made my life a little easier today and for that I am grateful.

  13. I have a Yoga 2 Pro in which the CMOS battery connector came loose from the board. Is there any way to repair this myself or should I seek the help of a professional. The connector is very small. The unit started to shut down intermittently before failing to power on entirely.
    Thank you so much in advance.

  14. I just need to find any 3d printable clips that attach the ribbon cables to the motherboard and everything will be complete, haha. I have been redneck repairing with foam tape to keep the pressure on the ribbon cables but it is not what I want to be using forever. I am a computer repair geek and I want something I can be proud of

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