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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E40 Hard Drive Removal and Installation

In this guide, I will show you how to remove and replace the hard drive on Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E40 laptop.

Step 1: Remove the battery
  • Unlock and remove the battery.
  • Lenovo-ThinkPad-Edge-E40-Disassembly-1

Step 2: Remove the service cover.
  • Remove five screws securing the service cover. You can remove the service cover.
  • Lenovo-ThinkPad-Edge-E40-Disassembly-2

  • The service cover has been removed. Now you can see the hard drive. There are no screws securing the hard drive.
  • Lenovo-ThinkPad-Edge-E40-Disassembly-3

Step 3: Remove the hard drive
  • In order to remove the hard drive, lift the black tape, slide it to the left and disconnect from the motherboard.
  • Lenovo-ThinkPad-Edge-E40-Disassembly-4

Step 4: Remove the hard drive caddy
  • Remove four screws from the hard drive assembly.
  • Lenovo-ThinkPad-Edge-E40-Hard-Drive-Removal-1


  • The hard drive caddy has been removed.
  • Lenovo-ThinkPad-Edge-E40-Hard-Drive-Removal-3

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