MSI GT72MSI Laptop

MSI GT72 Disassembly

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble MSI GT72 to remove and replace the optical drive, hard drive, SSD, RAM, keyboard, palm rest, wireless card, motherboard, heat sink and cooling fan. Refer to this guide, you can repair, upgrade and clean your MSI GT72.

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Remove all screws from the bottom case.

Separate the bottom case from the rest of the laptop and turn it upside down on the table.

Under the bottom case, you can get access to the hard drive, two SSD, battery, speaker, wireless card, heat sink and cooling fan.
Disconnect the battery before working with internal components.

Remove two screws securing the SSD and take it away from slots.

The MSI GT72 featured two Toshiba 128GB M.2 SSD.

The SSD mounting bracket

Remove the hard drive module.
Disconnect the SATA cable from the motherboard.

MSI GT72 comes with an HGST 1TB 7200RPM hard drive.

MSI GT72 speaker module

MSI GT72 featured a Killer™ Wireless-AC 1525 wireless card.

MSI GT72 comes with an 11.1v, 7500mah Li-ion battery. MSI part number: BTY-L77.

MSI GT72 motherboard and heat sink module

Disconnect keyboard cable, touchpad cable from the motherboard.

The MSI GT72 installed an HL-DT-ST GU90N DVD drive.

MSI GT72 CPU and GPU cooling fan

MSI GT72 heat sink

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M with 8GB GDDR5 video memory

Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ processor (6M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz)

There are two RAM slots on the back side of the motherboard.

The MSI GT72 comes with two Kingston 8GB DDR3L-1600MHz RAM, support up to 32GB RAM.

For more guides, check out the MSI GT72 device page.

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  1. Hy,

    could you please help me. I want to upgrade form 8 GB to 32 GB RAM. But i have no clue how to get to the RAM solts beneath the keyboard.
    is there any other way to remove the keyboard without disassembling the whole device?

    Kind regrads

    1. because the ram slots in different side of the motherboard, so you need to disassemble the whole laptop, if you wang to remove the keyboard, you also need to disassemble the whole laptop.

  2. Hi,

    Are the exhaust fins/plates in cooper or aluminium?
    Also, would it be possible to replace the fans with better ones in the future?

    Kind Regards,

  3. is there a way to add a second HDD to this computer attaching it to the mother board where the SSD card holding bracket plugs in

  4. What RAM should I upgrade with?
    I know it has to be 1600 Mhz, DDR3L, but do I have to use the exact same kind of kingston ram that already is in the computer when I bought it?
    or could i buy something else to put in the last 2 free slots? without changing the original ones?

  5. Hi there,
    I am about to upgrade my storage with an additional 256GB (500GB heaven forbid) SSD drive. As MSI uses the Super RAID 3 technology, I was wondering whether a randomly picked SSD would fit or not. How does it work?
    What brand do you recommend?

    1. I’m in the same boat, about to slap some ssd goodness into this mofo.
      as far as i can tell, and based on personal experience with computers, if the peg fits in the hole it’s the right part. SATA drives have the left side notch and PCIe drives have it on the right side.
      As for MSI’s Super RAID 3 tech that’s just marketing BS for software RAID 0

      1. You HAVE to have the C236 chipset if you want more than 1 SSD in a raid config

        This board come in 3 different chipset HM86-HM170-C236– or something close to that but only the C236 can support M.2 raid, weather its AHCI or PCIE. If your on the HM86 chipset you should just buy a new one as its 4 years old already. It will show up in windows but not in the bios where the (super) raid is configured

  6. Hey there, do you maybe have a advice of how to replace the LCD Screen, Mine is broken so i want to order a replacement part and replace it myself so i dont need to wait 4 weeks.

    Any tips how to open it ?

  7. Hi I need to replace my GT72’s cracked display screen. How many components do I need to remove to get to the screen and would there be any more steps involved?

    1. you should remove bottom case first, disconnect battery connector, then remove lcd bezel, remove all the screws securing the screen, the screen can be removed

  8. Yeah this solved it for me, for the record :

    The bezel is just a clicking system., be careful tho not to break it
    There are 2 screws connecting the Screen (Left and right)
    if those are loose youll have to slide the screen a bit down to get it released.

    After that disconnect the cable, and the screen is loose

    Details of screen :
    Partnumber – OEM code LP173WF4(SP)(F1)

    17,3 inch 1920×1080 Full HD Matte IPS (LED) for (Originally ) Lenovo Ideapad Y70 Series

    LG Screen

    Im sure it matches, i fixed mine with it 🙂

  9. Thanks for the MSI GT72 Disassembly! Seems like you also had a unit with 8 Gb ram memory. Does the manufacturer install the ram on the opposite side of the laptop motherboard (which requires disassembly of the laptop)? The other two slots are easily accessible, so I could later add ram without a problem.

  10. Why does it look like on the fourth pic (and others) that there are two empty slots for RAM? Are those for additional sticks of RAM or are they for some other type of component? Also, since the battery is internal, how do you disconnect?

    1. MSI GT72 has four RAM slots. those two slots are for RAM upgarde.
      The battery connected to the motherboard via a cable, just disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

    1. It’s internal…think there is a picture of the wire connecting to it…there is also a firmware reset button that will actually cut power from the battery until you release it….I THINK….please wait until someone can confirm or deny this. Under your notebook…below the top left screw on bottom panel…there is a hole for a paper clip…that is the reset button.

    2. Is yours one of GT72’s on the recall list for the battery.?. The whole first generation of those (GT72S) were recalled i do believe.. I don’t remember any specifics on that you may need to scour the internet for that information as it wasn’t widely available.. Might just be a BIOS flash fix i don’t remember.

      I keep my battery unplugged most of the time as this only leaves my desk once in a while.

      1. Yes, this is the internal Battery, specifically the GT72 Dominator Pro 2QE. So you can run the MSI GT72 without the battery? If that is the case, would it be too much to ask if you can confirm this with your GT72 or do I just disconnect the battery?

        1. I have the 6QD model- same thing as yours but i added 2 x 512 nvme drives. Not on the recall list.
          Turn it off & unplug it, turn it over.
          OK, take the 7 screws out of the bottom cover. Now just to the right next to that round thing- the speaker- unplug it.. Its the only wire harness your gonna see you cant miss it. I would guess 18-20 wires. Maybe stick a pencil-pen or something like that under it because its gonna be tight. ** BE CAREFUL because NOTHING holds your platter drive down and-or in place but the bottom cover** If your gonna run it without the bottom cover keep that in mind when flipping it back over. A can of air over your fans wont hurt anything why you have it apart- just a thought.

          The last year model (4th gen CPU) has the “battery booster” or equalizer program where it used both wall power and the battery at the same time. These units use a lot less power and don’t need or have that, runs just fine with wall power.

          For an average NON-technical inclined user this battery option sucks. I don’t know how much it would cost someone to get it replaced but i would guess about $200 american + parts.

    1. I haven’t replaced it on my NEW GT72-S yet but on the older GT72 its 1 screw in the middle of the keyboard. Accessed from the bottom after cover removed- right in the middle of the KB . Now has 2 white ribbon cable, one is right side in a small hole- that’s the actual KB, another is near the middle, thats the kinda wide one that the lights– OR vice versa i’m not sure on that but either way. Then pry it up from TOP side between keyboard and LCD screen, i use a plastic knife. Check Youtube-

      You didn’t state what unit you have. If you have the newer S model, check your warranty first because it a lot of work for an average user.

  11. No that video wont work, i would say look-ask around over here if anyone has an assembly guide.
    Or look-ask around on the msi forums. If its just 1 or 2 keys just fix them. You can buy spare keys on flea-bay and any video off youtube will show you that- key replacement. External USB keyboard is always an option if your in a real bind. I know its probably a F-N eye sore right?

    If its the entire K/B that needs replacing, i really would NOT suggest it unless your
    fairly fluent with the inside of a L/Top and i kinda have to think if you were you wouldn’t be here. Your probably going to do it anyway so–Its built like a stack of pancakes, you have to take the whole dam thing apart. Your gonna need H/Sink paste and watch any & all videos that are even closely related to your L/Top to get hints. On the flat ribbon cable’s, the little black thingy flips up to release the ribbon, careful they break real easy. Don’t OVER tighten your heat-sinks when you re-assemble it, That will make it overheat-short out or other bad things. ALL those blue pads MUST go back on exactly where they were when they came off.

    Good Luck,

  12. Hi,
    I’ve a problem of fan on my gt72. One of the 2 fan is not working (never activated).
    I replaced it but the new one is not working as well (I tried it in place of the 2nd fan and it worked).
    Do you have any idea on what I should do? EC reset?
    Thank you for your help

    1. The fan keys on the left of keyboard- push it.–??

      Check to make sure your Nvidia card is actually working- if its that fan

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        I tried to force the fan to max speed (key on left) but only 1 fan is working (the one on right side is not. I guess that s the one for graphic card)
        I also tried to activate/deactive the geforce card, without any chance.
        Any ideas?

        1. Reset your bios. pull the 2 batteries -unplug it-and clear it. IF that dont work– IF -IF your OK with flashing it reflash it to the same one then try a newer bios if that dont work. After i answered this yesterday i recalled that happen to me but it was my video card and just clearing the BIOS worked for me. I can hear both my fans spin up when i start my laptop- then they go off.

          They go off because its not hot enough thats not it is it?

  13. I have sent my Gt72 dominator pro back to MSI twice to have the mother board replaced because it wouldn’t charge(charge port), and it happened again. Now my warranty is gone and I have only had this lap top in my possession for two months out of 2 years it’s been sitting I a shelf, I dot know a lot about computers but if the charging port is bad do I need to replace the motherboard like they said or do I need to replace the port?

    1. You may want to think of a different option than a laptop. Three power ports in a row and within 2-3 months of use your doing something wrong, nobody is that lucky..

      Anyway its soldered on the board not easily changeable like a ThinkPad if thats what your asking. But seeing as you have the exchange procedure all figured out you might as well let MSI do the work it to insure its done correctly. Board level repairs never end well unless your experienced, and by asking this question would appear your not. You can try a local TV-Electronics repair shop –??

  14. hi there .my ssd m2 is about to i bought a 275 gb ssd 2.5 inch .but when i opened and tryed to connect i noticed that i dont have a cable for that .could you please tell me what conectors i need ? thank you

    1. Tthank you for your answer ,this is what i was looking .Now,can i put two in the same port ? because my HDD is connectet already so i would have to put them both in the same port as i cant see another one free

        1. completely safe but me personally I would upgrade to M.2 vs adding a sata ssd, you have 4 sata 3 lanes available in the M.2 bracket, once you add the adapter to add a regular 2.5″ ssd you give up one of the 4 sata 3 M.2 ports/ For the cost of M.2 SSD go that route. Way easier

  15. NO- SATA can NOT go 2 drives on one port thats the rule, not without a separate controller anyway. And secondly dont do that to your laptop, while i can appreciate your initiative i wont condone it. M.2 x 128Gb are like $35-40 right now (buy 2) you really have no valid reason to do a hack job like that. A 256 is about 60-70$
    Now having learned you still have a Platter drive you want to keep i would either get and $8 USB adapter for it and put your ssd in the sata slot or get a ultra-bay tray for one of those drives. I have an Ultrabay on my older 72 not this S series but it should be the same.
    After the cost of those cable/adapters the correct drive(s) would be cheaper also. Your looking at about $50-ish just for adapters. And theirs NO way your going to be able to re-sell that thing like that when its time to upgrade to a newer laptop.

    You have an S you have — 4 x M.2 Socket 2 for M and 2 for B Key Type 2280

  16. I have the MSI GT72 2QE 1666. It is a nice laptop with 980M 4GB I have 4 128GB M.2 SSD’s in 2 raid 0 arrays. It is fast I am seeing about 1000/1200 but that is the tops it will never achieve the speeds of nvme interface. The new 6th gen series even though they have the 10xx series have been handicapped unless you move to the higher end series being the 73VW Titan and even then they have removed the ability to run 4 M.2 units/ Also the Gt72 5th gen w 980M can not be gpu upgraded, MSI has a little problem on their hands and I have applied for the GT Trade Up program but unsure if I will pay the upgrade cost trading mine in for a new series unit

  17. I have the GT62VR Dominator Pro..But it has only one M.2 SSD. I was thinking If I could get that ssd mounting bracket/raid unit so that I could make the same setup… But I cant find any link anywhere to get that small form factor raid unit.

  18. Hello.
    I have a GT72S 66QE Dominator pro and I wanted to add an extra SSD. I’m a total noob so I wanted to know if it’s possible.
    I have one SSD of 128 gigs and a regular 1T.
    From what I’ve been able to see on the internet, the SSD is plug on a card where there’s a place for a second one. Does that mean that I can just put a second SSD there and that’s it, or it is supposed to be for a RAID install with two SSD that are shared?
    Thanks in advance for the help.

    1. Mike if you add a second regular 2.5″ ssd you will need an adapter I believe and you will remove use of one of the M.2 sata 3 ports unless your system has 4 x pcie m.2 ssd

      1. Thanks a lot for the answer. Well the idea was to see if I could put a second M2 in one of those slots that looks empty, but I’m not sure it will work. Maybe the best is to try and see how it goes.
        Thanks again for the answer.

          1. Excellent, thanks a lot for the link and infos.
            I will try that and let you know if it worked.
            Thanks again.

  19. Hello,

    I have GT72 2QE Dominator Pro. It has 4 m.2 slots and one of them is being used by one SATA 3 SSD. I’m wondering if these slots (and my mainboard) support PCIe SSD or it’s limited to SATA?


    1. I have the same GT72 2QE, it only supports M.2 sata 3 ssd it does not support pcie nvme ssd, just compare the key connector on nvme pcie ssd to sata 3 M.2.

      I just filled all my sata 3 slots on the adapter and raid 0’d them. That is you best option for increasing data transfer speed. You can go w 2 raid 0 arrays as i did or one larger one at 4x 128 or more limited to 1gb. I got matching m.2 ssd off ebay and stashed the original in box. Enjoy

  20. Hi my laptop has one 8 gig ram stick in one of the slots that is in the back side of the motherboard , can i upgrade by just puting another one in one of the easy to access front slots ? If yes , will they run on dual channel ?

    1. Yes, just buy same voltage and speed of ram. I believe it is 1.35v ddr31600 Kingston. I am actually doing the MSI GT trade up program and sending mine in for a new Kaby Lake i7 version w DDR4, pcie nvme and 10xx series gpu. Upgrade cost is fair plus the additional new 2 year warranty

  21. Hello,
    Im currently using MSI GT72-2QD. I just wondering, can i remove my battery and running the laptop just using the power cord? Because the battery is problem and need to be replaced (very expensive). I think to not to replaced it because afraid it will happen again in future.

    1. If you run the battery optimizer every 3 mths and pull the plug out when not being used the battery should easily last 2-3 years. Off hand i cant remember if you can remove the battery and run u it without. I know with my GT73VR 7RE it is replaceable , i will habe to check to see if you can run unit without it.

  22. I have a GT72VR and I had taken the original hard drive out temporarily, but the ribbon cable connecting it to the motherboard has been lost. How do I reconnect it, or where can I buy a new ribbon cable that fits?

    1. In order to reconnect the cable you’ll have to:
      1. Lift up the cable retainer – black tab on the connector.
      2. Insert the cable into the connector.
      3. Close the black tab.

  23. Kindly I ask you about brand new laptop
    Where they located the ram under the keyboard or on other side (bottom cover)
    Best regards

  24. I have a gt72 that wouldn´t charge anymore. Tech team in my country says is the motherboard but they couldn´t get it from MSI so they couldn´t repair it.
    Is not charger problem because it gets 19.5 v at the output.
    The system ran fine until battery was completly drain.
    Someone could think of any lead that lead me to get the notebook repair?

  25. Kindly I ask you
    For MSI GT72VR dominator-238
    Storage can be expandable with SSD storage or not
    best regards

    1. Looks like you can expand w M.2 PCIe nvme. If you go to MSI site you can see the specs of your unit. So basically I know for sure you can add an PCIe gen 3 m.2 SSD, however not sure if you can expand further, if the unit offers superraid 4 support it will have at least 2 M.2 slots available

  26. If you please I need help.
    I have 2 problems with my laptop (GT72 2QE Dominator Pro 444)
    1. the first is that my laptop battery not charging even I replaced the original battery which was working so fine and also replaced the original charger to another original one also .. and still not charging even its appear to be charging on windows.
    2. when I was replacing the battery I broke the HDD connector and I can’t find a replacement for it anywhere.
    please help me on this by advice or link or anyway because I’m really in need to this laptop exactly and can’t buy another one these days.
    thanks for your time.

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