Asus LaptopAsus VivoBook S550CM

Asus VivoBook S550CM Disassembly and RAM, SSD upgrade options

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Asus VivoBook S550CM to remove and replace the battery, hard drive, SSD, DVD drive, wireless card, RAM, heat sink, USB board, cooling fan and motherboard.

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First of all, unlock and remove the battery. Remove two screws securing the service cover.

Remove the memory cover.

Remove three screws securing the hard drive. Lift up the black tape and slide it to the left.
The laptop features a 1TB Samsung hard drive.

Asus VivoBook S550CM comes with two 4GB DDR3 1600MHz rams.

Remove one screw securing the DVD drive. Pull out the DVD drive.
It features a Panasonic UJ8C2 9.5mm SATA DVD writer.

Remove all screws from the bottom case. Pry up and remove the bottom case.
Under the bottom case, you can get access to the SSD, wireless card, heat sink and cooling fan.

Remove one screw securing the SSD and take it out from its slot.

Kingston 24GB SSD, made in Taiwan.

Disconnect two wireless antenna cables.
Remove one screw securing the wireless card.

Azurewave AW-NE186H, model: AR5B125.

Disconnect the cable and remove one screw. You can remove the USB board.

The USB board integrated two USB ports and a 3.5mm headset jack.

Remove eight screws securing the heat sink and cooling fan. You can remove it.

Heat sink and cooling fan, cooling fan OEM by Sunon.

Asus VivoBook S550CM motherboard

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  1. Can you please tell where is the Bios location / CMOS battery
    I have a problem with Bios i need to reset the Bios


  2. two questions:
    1) If I’m swapping my HDD for an SSD, should I remove the 24 gb cache drive?

    2) Do you have any advice for removing the digitiser and LED panel? I’m trying to replace my panel but don’t want to crack the glass as I’ve never worked on a touch screen before


      1. Thanks so much for the reply! As for the repair manual, I have been searching for weeks for a guide or manual on how to remove a touchscreen from any asus laptop (there are lots for the asus tablet). I’ve tried googling for any very derivation of asus service manual but can’t seem to track one down. Could I bother you to point me in the right direction?


  3. I need help removing the disc drive, I remove all the screws at sight but the bottom board is still stuck at the DVD part. The rest of the bottom piece of cover is already off.

    1. Your question is not clear.

      To remove the DVD drive, you only need to remove the single screw near the back side of the case. You don’t need to take the case off to remove the drive.

      If you’re talking about the HDD, it’s only the 3 screws shown in the above guide, and then the drive is easily removed (just slide it to the left to unplug, then it can easily be removed)

        1. I think I’m stuck at the same point. Looking at other asus tear-downs online there appears to be a screw that releases the drive ~2″ to the left of the asus label. On mine there is a small sqare and an icon beside it that looks like a disc. I’m guessing that the square should pop off somehow to then reveal the screw. I can’t get it to budge and don’t want to force it (especially if I’m wrong ;p) So I guess I’ll take it to a repair shop…

  4. I have an Asus Vivobook S550CM with defective 24GB as detected by some utilities where SMART failed.. My laptop is booting very very slow I think more than 5 mins to be accurate. but once it gets into windows everything is normal. I purchased online a 2nd 24GB SSD same specs and model as the original… Is it safe to install the replacement SSD without doing anything????

  5. I thought I would post this here since it was a bit of a hard find. This post doesn’t note it, but there is a little piece of black tape that you hardly notice in about the middle of the back panel. It is about where you would imagine the DVD drive screw to be. You have to peel this piece of tape off (I used a needle-pin) to find the screw. This video at about the 2:00 minute mark shows it best: . Hope this helps someone!

  6. I have Asus S550CB without ssd drive.
    I want to add one but I dont know which kind of ssd drive is suitable for it. Can you help me?

    1. Yes
      I show it to a repairman and he said that a mini m2 is suitable for it.
      So can you guide me which one is exist?

  7. Can anyone give me a guide or info on replacing the battery in the VivoBook S550CA ?

    Trying to decide if it’s worth doing (battery costs + labor).

    Thank you.

  8. Very enlightening post, I really appreciate, if I may..

    I own a S550CB-CJ020H fitted by default with two 4GB DDR3 1600MHz rams, I am wondering if it is possible to expand those rams and fits my S550CB with two 8GB rams.

    If this is the case do you have any suggestion on which 8GB rams may I choose to get the maximum out of my S550CB ?

    Thank you very much.


        1. I have this laptop(S550CB) and default have 6GB rams(2GB+4GB) that I removed 2GB and replaced it with 4GB.
          I don’t think so that this laptop support more than 8GB rams.
          In Specifications table of this laptop about ram:
          “Memory: DDR3 1600 MHz SDRAM, up to 8 G”

      1. I have s550CA which also says only supports maximum 8gb DDR3. I opened up to change ram and it had a 4gb and a 2gb installed. The 4 was accessable but the 2 was only visible – blocked by the case. I changed the 4gb for a 8gb and it saw 10gb, so I knew 8 was not the limit. The 2GB was still stuck inside. I continued to disassemble the case until I could reach the 2GB and replaced with 8GB. Now I have 16GB although ASUS and Crucial said only 8GB supported. Probably because other chip is visible but not “user accessible”.

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