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HP Pavilion 15 disassembly and RAM, HDD upgrade options

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble HP Pavilion 15 to remove and replace the hard drive, keyboard, palm rest, wireless card, RAM, heat sink, cooling fan, speaker and motherboard.

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Here’s other HP Pavilion 15 series laptop teardown:

HP Pavilion 15 Disassembly Step:

First of all, remove the battery and unscrew all the screws on the back cover.

Remove this cover you can see the memory card and wireless card.

HP Pavilion 15 has two RAM slots and comes with one RAM, so you can upgrade RAM.

Remove one screw.
Disconnect two antennas, you can remove the wireless card.

HP Pavilion 15 comes with a 4GB RAM, HP P/N: 691740-001.

Ralink RT3290 wireless card, HP P/N: 690020-001.

Turn over the laptop and open it up to remove the keyboard.

The part number of the keyboard is 708168-0001.

The netty air outlet on the palm rest

Unplug all the cables and remove the screws on the palm rest.
Pry up and remove the palm rest.

On the back of the palm rest, you can access the touchpad.

The CPU fan on the motherboard, which is related to the place mentioned above.

Remove the screws securing the screen hinges to remove the screen assembly. You also need to unplug the LCD cable.

The power connector

The speakers

Unplug all the cables and unscrew all the screws on the motherboard, and then you can remove it.

Unplug the fan and remove the screws, you can remove the CPU fan.

A photo of the back of the fan

Loosen the screws after the order listed on the heat sink to remove the heat sink.

A photo of the motherboard after removing the CPU cooling system

A photo of the retaining parts of the D panel

The part on the motherboard

A photo of the removed parts together

This is fully HP Pavilion 15 disassemble process, if you need the pavilion 15 service manual, please go to hp.com to download it.

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    1. remove one screws on the bottom case, the optical drive can be removed, if you want to replace hard drive, you should disassemble whole laptop

  1. It’s one of the crappiest assemblies I have ever seen.

    I tried to remove the small RAM cover, but I couldn’t do it. It was held in place by 2 screws, I unscrewed those, then I tried to force the cover open using a plastic card, which is my usual method if I need a bit of leverage because it avoids damaging the plastic.

    No movement, NADA. The thing is stuck there. Is there anything keeping the cover in place except the 2 screws on it?

    I tried the card on the panel edges as well, nothing… maybe I will try a second time.

    But god, such a complicated and crappy design.

    1. I used a stiff metal spatula to push it out. You are right. It is scary and you do not need to remove any screws at all. The two obvious screws do not actually ever drop out. Loosen them all the way and they will remain in the metal holds in the panel.

      There is no need to remove any other screws to get this panel off.

      Also, on mine, there is only one wire connected to one antenna wire port. The other port has no antenna on it.

      If anyone is really following this and needs more info, I could take pictures, I guess.

    2. I bought an HP laptop with windows 8. Windows 8, I thought was the problem and tried various Linux editions. After 4 years I found the hard disc had a multitude of bad sectors. I ferreted through various websites and eventually got access to the hard drive. I hope with more ferreting rather than risk damaging I will find how to remove it. Books and television programs have one-tenth information nine-tenths padding. Need websites follow this example?. Why does HP not have their own disassembly instructions clearly showing it is an HP website as a service to customers.

  2. I wanted to replace the hard drive, but after successfully removing the keyboard I am clueless how to remove the palm rest/cover. “Pry open”? Seems impossible without breaking something.

      1. There are 3 screws holding it to frame that you need to unscrew. To get to them you need to remove optical deive wchich you can just pull out after removing the bottom panel

    1. Amongst many websites, there is one which shows how to do it. I cannot remember which one it was/is.
      start at the front and work to the sides. Pity I am giving information after two years. Hp should be able to provide a sane website.

  3. Dear HP, is it possible for HP Pavilion 15 – f1211mw to come without an onboard fan? This was strange for me. I opened a new HP Pavilion 15 and never saw a fan attached to the motherboard. All I saw was the heat sink. Could you kindly input.

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