Lenovo TabletLenovo Yoga Tablet 2Teardown

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Teardown

In this guide, I’ll explain how to disassemble Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 to remove the battery, rear camera, front camera, speakers and motherboard. Refer to the guide, you can repair your Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2.

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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Teardown Step:

First of all, open the cover and remove the hidden screw.

Lift up the scotch tape and remove the hidden screw.

Remove this screw.

Pry up and remove the back cover.

There are some snaps on the back cover. It can strengthen the robustness of the back cover.

Disconnect the button cable.

Disconnect the rear camera cable and remove the rear camera.

8MP rear camera

Disconnect the dc power jack cable.

Disconnect the left speaker cable.

Disconnect the touch screen cable.

Synaptics 7300b touch chip, support for 76 channels.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 has two boards, two boards connected via a soft cable.

Disconnect the LCD cable.

Remove six screws securing the motherboard.

The motherboard covered with a metal shield to prevent electromagnetic interference, and ensure the stability of the signal.

1.6MP front camera

Disconnect the right speaker cable.

Disconnect the switch cable.

Remove the vibrator.

Remove three screws securing the little board.

The little board

Remove three screws securing the Wi-Fi antennas.

The Wi-Fi antennas

Remove three screws securing the GPS antennas.

The GPS antennas

Remove four screws securing the left speaker.

The power button

The left speaker

The volume button

Data and charging interface

Light sensor

Left speaker module

Remove the power button.

Remove the volume button.

Remove four screws securing the right speaker.

Right speaker

Remove the tablet base.

Remove the LCD hinge.

LCD hinge

The other side of the base does not find LCD hinge.

Remove the battery.

There is a magnetite on the battery.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 comes with 3.7V, 9600mAh Li-ion battery, Lenovo model: L14D3K31.

The metal roll cage

Once remove the metal shield, you can see the chips.

Intel Z3745 processor

Winbond bios

TI USB2.0 Control chip

EMMC5.0 16GB ROM, read speed 170MB/S, write speed 11MB/S

Samsung 2GB RAM

Broadcom Wi-Fi, Bluetooth chip

Broadcom GPS chip

BQ242921 Power Management Chip

Three-axis gyroscope chip

Remove the metal shield covered the little board.

The WM5102 Audio decoder chip

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  1. Thanks for the article. What about replacing the digitizer/touch screen? Is it glued or there are just another screws? I have some cracks on it – and I want to repair it. When I asked for official service, they wanted more money than for a whole new tablet…

    1. Great article indeed.
      To answer the question about the glue… Yes the screen is glued to the chassis. The screen is glued along the edge of the screen. From the edge and about 4-7mm inwards.

      I have to tress, you replace the screen at own risk, but this is how i replaced mine with a new screen and digitizer from ebay.

      * Try and heat up the edge of the screen with a hairblower or other, so the glue let go more easily. Beware though not to use excessive heat. (I didn’t heat my screen long enough for the heat to travel through the screen and ended up prying the screen from the chassis and peeling of the excess glue.)

      * To loosen the screen pry it open with a screw driver or other by running through one of the slots near the edge of the chassis. I started in a corner and worked myself from there.

      * Be careful along the rest stand, as the plastic “anchors” can get damaged. Fear not though, the screen itself has some support also so the plastic won’t give when you get another screen if some anchors get broken.

      * Toss the screen away as it is garbage now… mine was at least.

      * Get a new one. (Screen + Digitizer) I got mine cheap at Ebay.

      * My new screen didn’t come with adhesive or glue/ but i had great success with a superglue/gel compound from Loctite… think it’s called extreme repair.

      * Connect the cables, and put you’re table back together.

      ** Great Success.

      1. the glass is completely glued to the touch screen. any attempt at removing the glass will damage the screen. just ask my yoga tab 2 8 🙁

      2. Please my lenovo yoga tab 2 screen is cracked. Has the ink all over it though still responding to to touch. Which reliable site do i order it or how do i go about replacing the screen or making an order for a new part. I m really confused

  2. You know, I dont see what I need.But I like the way you did it. Im loking for two parts and both is the same. Only one is from lenovo joga, and other from lenovo joga 2. Thats two litle metal things where you put a sim card in. And thats because them sim cards go 3 in one. Next time I hope, you show mee how to do that???

  3. Hi, I am waiting for tab 3 pro. But there is no LTE modem. I want to add modem if possible myself. Anyone has an idea how to add 3g/LTE modem to yoga? Perhaps there is already on MOBO> but with plug ? Or I have to find new MOBO?

  4. Where can I get the replacement for the 8 MP rear camera?

    Can you tell me a website, my camera got broken…



  5. Hi, I have to replace the battery, the orange power cable is cutted so the battery isn’t anymore connected to the main board. I have the windows version but it looks the same. to replace the battery I have to do all the passages on the description?( in the guide the battery is unplugged at the end.) or I don’t need to do all that? I’ve already found the battery on eBay, unfortunately I couldn’t find the cable, thank you!

  6. Hi, do you where I might find the usb assembly? I bought one of these tablets refurbished and the usb port failed after 2 months.

  7. Hi I’m looking for the part name of both Wi-Fi and gps antennas. Also does anyone know where to get them?

      1. Yes. I don’t want to overpay and I’m certain it’s only the fault of the connector on the antennas because it got pulled out while rescuing a sim card that turned out to be too small.

  8. Hi, My Lenovo yoga tab 2 has switched off automatically after displaying Lenovo. After that my tab is won’t turning on, even not charging. Please give me a solution.

    1. If your Lenovo Yoga tab 2 will not turn on, try a different charger cable and different power adaptor. Otherwise battery is completely dead and must be replaced.

    2. I had a similar problem, after i replaced my screen as described above. I got my tablet working again by removing the back plate of the tab and refitting the screen and power cables. I would check the connectors first before going for the battery and spending money on a new one.

      TLTR: Check for loose cable connections before changing battery.

      1. Martin,
        Good Evening.
        Can you recall exact events and exact failure or loose contact inside the tablet? Many are having this problem with Lenovo Yoga 3-8. I have 2 such units in my house. The older Tablet is perfectly working .Newer One is showing Battery% as 0 and after hard reset it is starting. It is running always on external power. The battery is not dead as a dead battery will show charging % and the charge will drop suddenly.


  9. Hi. I replaced the usb interior connector flat cable of my yoga 10 hd+ because the usb port was broken and it didn’t charge anymore. The tab is running fine afterwards except the backlight of the display doesn’t work anymore :/ Any idea why? I was very careful in disassembling and assembling all the fpcs on the main board. Remark: the power cable was disconnected from the battery for about two weeks.

  10. Can I just thank you for this article? Without giving it much thought, I slipped a Nano SIM card into the space for the Micro SIM in my old Yoga 2 “8-inch” tablet and could only get it out by dismantling the case. Your step-by-step illustrations made it a five-minute job to open the case carefully and retrieve the SIM. You’re a life-saver. John

  11. Hi the focus on my protector is not focusing think it’s some thing to do with the slider how can I fix

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