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How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard

In this guide, you will learn to know how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing the keys. We like to keep munching on some snacks while using our laptop and the scrapes just fall on the keyboard. They stick into the keys making it hard to type and result in uncalled for delays in work if we keep fighting with the dirty and messy keys to keep working. The dirt accumulated in the keys over the time also gets sticky and hinders typing, so it is necessary to have a spotlessly clean laptop keyboard. Well, this is not something too difficult if you know what to do and which tools to use.

Tools Required:
Here is a list of stuff that you need to clean your laptop keyboard.
1. USB keyboard vacuum cleaner
2. Compressed air
3. Alcohol
4. Micro-fiber cleaning cloth

Get all these tools, and then you are good to go and clean your laptop keyboard. Here is how you need to use these tools to clean the keyboard to start enjoying the experience of clean and smooth keys.

Step 1: Shut down the laptop and get ready

The first step is to shut off the laptop and remove any cables and accessories from it. This is to make sure that any moisture does not harm your laptop’s functioning when you turn it on again.
1. Place a towel or cleaning cloth at underneath the laptop so that all the dirt and debris falls on it and you do not have to clean the surface later on too.
2. Lift one side of the laptop to tilt is so that all the dirt and mess come out of it. Shake it a bit to take out any loosely stuck stuff in the keys.
3. Lightly brush a cloth over the keyboard to remove any bigger dust particles that stay even after shaking it.

Step 2: Using a USB vacuum cleaner cleaning keyboard

You can use a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner to clean laptop keyboard as it sucks the dirt and tiny chunks of stuff stuck in the keys and sides of the keyboard. These vacuum cleaners sometimes come with LED light bulbs too which help you locate any hidden dust particles too. All you need to do is to plug the vacuum cleaner in the USB port and let it do its magic while you slowly move it around on the surface of your laptop keyboard.

Buying a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner is necessary because you need to clean the keyboard frequently. Usually, we recommend clean it once a month. The price of the USB keyboard vacuum cleaner is around $10. You can buy it from eBay or Amazon.USB vacuum cleaner

Step 3: Using a compressed air cleaning keyboard

If you don’t have a USB keyboard vacuum cleaner, you can use Compressed Air to clean the keyboard.
1. Get a compressed air can from the supermarket and insert a small straw in it. The diameter of the straw has to be small so that the air comes out with greater pressure.
2. Release the air from a compressed air can result in short swift bursts to let the sticky stuff come out of the keys. It is better to direct the outlet of straw at the sides of keys to have a better and thorough cleaning.
3. This works even better if you tilt your laptop to a side and then treat the keys with compressed air from the can as it gets better access to tiny particles this way.

Step 4: Using a Micro-fiber cloth cleaning keyboard

Since you have removed all the visible impurities, it is time to clean off the ultra-small particles too. For this, a soft microfiber cloth is perfect since it lets the particles get adsorbed on its surface leaving the keyboard free of any pollutants. Just sprinkle a small amount of water on the microfiber cloth and its adhesive capacity will improve even more. Remember to sprinkle just a little bit of water as excessive water will seep in through the sides of the keys and cause harm to your laptop.

Step 5: Using alcohol cleaning keyboard

A clean laptop keyboard not only has to be free of all the dust particles but also bacteria and other microorganisms. Soak some cotton in a solution of diluted alcohol and then drench it completely. After that gently rub the cotton over the surface of the keyboard and ta-da the keyboard is as good as new!

Make sure that you follow these steps thoroughly, and you will be amazed by the clean and spotless surface of the keyboard that you will eventually get!

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David is the editor @ MyFixGuide. He loves technology, especially good at laptops and mobile phones. In his free time, he loves to take apart the latest mobile phones and laptops.

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