Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Got 3C Certification, Battery Capacity Revealed

A few weeks before, it was reported that Samsung was working on its next-generation A-series and M-series device. Some of them also surfaced on Geekbench and other certification sites. Among these devices, Galaxy M14 5G is a major one that again has surfaced on another certification site.

This morning, the battery module of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy M14 5G smartphone got listed on the 3C Certification. The battery carries the following model number: EB-BM146ABY, in which the ‘M146’ states that the battery module belongs to Galaxy M14 5G and has a rated capacity of 5,830mAh.


Except for the battery module, the 3C Certification doesn’t include anything more. However, the 3C Certification also states the battery type, i.e., Secondary Li-ion Battery. Compared with the previous generation Galaxy M13, the battery capacity is significantly upgraded (almost 1000mAh).

It is worth mentioning that a few weeks before, the Galaxy M14 5G was also listed on the Geekbench site, revealing that it would be powered by Exynos 1330 5G chipset. In terms of specifications, the chipset includes 2x Cortex-A78 P-Cores (clocked @2.4GHz) and 6x Cortex-A55 E-Cores (clocked @2.0GHz).

It is worth mentioning that the previous model Galaxy M13 was equipped with a 15W Samsung’s traditional fast charger EP-TA200 which seems acceptable with a 5000mAh battery. However, this time, it feels that Samsung needs to upgrade it to at least 25W; otherwise, charging a 6000mAh battery with a 15W charger would take much time.

Currently, it is expected that the new Galaxy M14 5G will be revealed in early 2023. Yesterday, the Galaxy A14 5G also surfaced on a certification site; follow the link to checkout.

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