Meizu Meilan E3 live image leaked with black all-metal body

As we all know, Meizu Meila has officially launched its first full screen smartphone – the Meizu M6S on January 17, 2018. Latest information shows that Meilan will launch a new phone soon. Today, a Chinese weibo user has exposed the picture of the Meizu Meilan E3.
Meizu E3 leak
According to the exposed picture, the left side of the Meizu M6S is Meilan’s new smartphone – the Meizu Meilan E3. The E3 adopts black all-metal body design. The U-shaped antenna line is placed closer to the bottom. The logo “MEIZU” is at the bottom. The cost of the Meizu Meilan E3 is obviously higher than the Meizu M6S’. The weibo user has also expressed that the Meizu E3 provides the Type-C port.
Meizu E3

Besides, the Meizu Meilan E3 is said to come with the vertical dual camera setup on the back. The ring flash and the LDAF module are placed right below the dual cameras. We will continue to focus on the Meizu E3 and bring more information on it to you later.


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