Lenovo launches NEGION BOOK AF 2021 tablet with a 16.4-inch scrolling screen

With the development of tablet PC today, the homogeneity of appearance is very high, and there are more examples of products from one brand that are seen from another brand. For consumers, the tablet industry needs innovation, so that new products can attract them. On April 1, Lenovo announced the launch of the NEGION BOOK AF 2021 tablet, which brings an innovative design to everyone.

From the pictures released by Lenovo, you can see that this new Lenovo product is a tablet PC with a scroll design. The design is a bit like an ancient Chinese bamboo slip book, and even the back cover of the product is like a bamboo slip book. According to Lenovo, they and LCD screen manufacturer NGD have jointly developed this inward-rolling flexible screen, which can bring users a user experience beyond the traditional folding flexible screen and maximize the characteristics of the flexible screen. At the same time, the loss of the screen of the product is evenly distributed to the entire screen, which greatly improves the service life of the flexible screen.

This tablet has a 16.4-inch inward-rolling flexible screen with a resolution of 3840*2400, 100% Adobe RGB color gamut, and 276 PPI, and its size is 370mm*230mm*5mm.

Lenovo also introduced some transcendental innovative features of this product. Because this tablet uses a design similar to a bamboo slip book structure, you can use this product to make sushi, wear it on your arm, or even use it as a scanner, with very comprehensive functions. In addition, this product will be officially on sale at 24:00 on April 1.


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