OPPO Watch Free Officially Confirmed To Launch On September 26

Two days ago, OPPO announced that the company would hold the “Future Gaming Machine” conference on September 26, in which they will also launch the all-new OPPO K9 Pro 5G. Today, the company has made another announcement regarding a new device coming in the same event.

This morning, OPPO has officially announced (on its Weibo) that it will launch the all-new OPPO Watch Free in the upcoming event on September 26 (at 5 PM Chinese). The officials also mentioned: Wearing light and sleeping soundly gives a warm dream to a tired life! The announcement poster also includes the appearance of the watch.

It is observed that the new OPPO Watch Free features a bit rectangular-shaped display, coming with leather-textured straps. It might also feature an OLED Display.

It can be seen that the watch has no buttons on the left side, while the company didn’t show the right side of the watch where all the buttons are expected to be placed. If compared with the previous OPPO watch, the new OPPO Watch Free has a much different body language.

Previously, OPPO revealed in the first announcement that three new super products would be launch at this upcoming conference. And now, it is confirmed that the new OPPO Watch Free is the second super product coming in this event (after OPPO K9 Pro 5G). The third product might be a new TV model.


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