Galaxy S22 and S22+ Will Feature 50MP GN5 Sensor, Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Support 45W Charging

As per reports, Samsung is now working on its upcoming Galaxy S22 flagship series. With the start of development, the actual leaks and some rumors are also surfing around the internet. This evening, we got another confirmed information about the upcoming Galaxy S22 Series.

The famous blogger @IceUniverse has revealed that the upcoming Galaxy S22 (standard) and Galaxy S22+ will feature the newly launched Samsung GN5 sensor, a 50MP (8,160 x 6,144 resolution) lens having a pixel size of 1.0μm and 1/1.57″ optical format.

Galaxy S22, S22+ GN5 Lens

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung GN5 sensor can also support the following modes for image capturing: Full 50MP@27fps, 12.5MP@90fps. While in video recording, the lens can capture 8K resolution at 30fps, 4K resolution at 120fps and Full-HD resolution at 240fps.

In addition to that, the blogger also revealed that the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra would support fast charging up to 45W (10V/4.5A), there would be no 65W charging support. It is worth mentioning that the buyers need to buy the Samsung’s 45W charger separately.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Charging



Upgrading from 25W (Galaxy S21 Ultra) to 45W seems a significant change, but in the modern era where Chinese brands are moving to 200W charging, 45W charging seems nothing. But maybe due to Galaxy Note7’s incident, Samsung is sticking to lower watts charging.

For further information, you can check out our previous posts on Galaxy S22 series.


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