Huawei Mate 50 with Snapdragon 898 4G will debut in Q1 2022

In July of this year, Huawei finally released the P50 series that should have been launched at the beginning of the year. However, due to the sanctions by the United States, 5G related components are still strictly blocked and can only be equipped with 4G chips.

Since the P50 has just been released for two months, the Mate 50 series, which was supposed to be released in the second half of the year, will inevitably be postponed. Although the official has not announced any news, some news about this phone has been leaked.

This afternoon, the well-known blogger @Digital Chat Station brought the latest news on the phone. He said: “The Q1 business flagship is testing the SD898 4G, and the model seems to be sm8425.”

mate 50

Although the blogger did not name and point out that this is the Huawei Mate 50 series, judging from the “business flagship” and the 4G version of the chip, it is basically confirmed that the model is the Huawei Mate 50.

This news also means that the Huawei Mate 50 may come together with the Snapdragon 898. It will not be delayed as long as this year. At the same time, its performance will also have a greater improvement, although the phone will be equipped with Snapdragon 898 4G chip, but the performance should be exactly the same as the Snapdragon 898 G5.

According to previous news, the Snapdragon 898 will be based on Samsung’s 4nm process and three-cluster architecture. The super-large core is based on Cortex-X2, the large core is based on Cortex-A710, and the small core is based on Cortex-A510. They are all new designs under the ARM v9 pure 64-bit system.


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