Kuo: Apple to Launch its first AR headset in second quarter of 2022

Today, well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report that Apple will launch an AR headset device in the second quarter of 2022. Genius is a key supplier of VR lenses.

According to the report, one of the key components of VR is the lens. VR lens is a high unit price component because it is difficult to produce. Take Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 as an example, the total cost of two ASP lenses for each oculus Quest 2 is $10 – 12, the cost is about equal to the high-end 7P lens of a smartphone.

Currently, Facebook is the largest VR brand with a market share of more than 70-80%. As the demand of oculus Quest 2 is better than expected, the shipment volume of Facebook VR will reach 8 – 9 million units in 2021, and 60 – 70% of the shipment volume will be in the second quarter of 2021.

The report also said that it is predicted that Facebook will launch a new VR device in 2022, which will be equipped with a higher ASP lens, and it is predicted that Genius will obtain about 50% of the orders.

The report also predicts that Sony will launch a dedicated VR device for PS5 in 2Q–3Q22, which will be equipped with a higher ASP lens and 4 cameras. Genius will obtain about 50% of the orders for this new VR lens and camera lens.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s report also covers the iPhone 13. He pointed out that Taiwanese lens manufacturers Largan and Genius will start ship iPhone 13 lenses from June. However, Largan’s recent samples of iPhone 13’s rear wide-angle lens and rear telephoto lens do not meet Apple’s tolerance requirements. Therefore, Apple has asked Genius to increase the shipment volume and stop Largan’s shipment. Genius is expected to be the exclusive supplier of the iPhone 13’s rear wide-angle lens and rear telephoto lens at least in June.

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