Teclast F7 Disassembly

The design of the Teclast F7 looks really good, but the price is very low. In order to further understand the quality of the F7, I simple to disassemble this product. It can be seen from the disassembly pictures that the battery occupies a very large space. The motherboard is very small, and there is no space to be used in the interior. Although the overall view is slightly rough, but the workmanship is much better than the laptop is around CNY1000.

Teclast F7 uses 64GB flash memory as the main storage device. Compared with the mechanical hard disk, its performance has improved a lot, but it still can’t match SSD, especially the writing speed. Therefore, F7 reserved an M.2 2242 slot for the user to upgrade SSD.

Remove this screw, open the back cover. There are some tips on the back of the back cover. Teclast also carefully prepared some warning messages to avoid the possibility of burning the laptop while installing the SSD.

It doesn’t use the cooling fan to dissipate heat and only uses a copper sheet to cover the processor and memory. But from my test results, the heat dissipation performance is pretty good.


Remove SSD cover

SSD slot

Remove bottom cover

Internal picture

USB board



Heat sink

Remove heat sink



SanDisk chip

ITE chip

Wi-Fi card



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  1. Thanks for your information.

    Do you believe a Samsung 961 series will fit the plastic shape?

    I’m sure it’ll change the drastically the machine… if we can install the os on it…

  2. Hey, I have a problem on muy teclast F7 and I have to replace the LCD, it is possible to disassemble it without damaging the vessels?

    1. Hi,
      if your teclast display won’t turns on at the start, even with the blue light blinking, don’t bother replacing the screen.
      Check it with a via HDMI external display (a TV set) before and test if it works.
      If yes it could possibly be a MOBO problem. Don’t waste your money and just toss it in the bin

  3. Anything on how to disassemble the screen?, I have to replace the LCD but I don’t know how to open it without damaging the metal vessels.
    Thank you for the info

    1. Hello.

      I know it’s been a long time since your comments now but I am looking for a spare Teclast F7 motherboard (mine died a few months ago and I’d like to fix the laptop to give it to my daughter).

      If one of you guys still have this laptop and could not replace LCD, would it be possible to buy its motherboard from you ?

      Thanks. Regards.

  4. Hi, thanks a lot for the guide.
    Can you do a guide on changing the battery for the last F7?
    My battery died and I’m scratching my head to replace it.


  5. Can I replace the motherboard? My F7 unable to turn on, when I plugin the charger, there is a buzzing noise from the motherboard. I think the motherboard got an issue.

    1. You can repair this motherboard. Of course, if you have a spare motherboard, it can be used to replace the current motherboard.

  6. I’ve just replaced the stock 128GB Teclast SSD with a Transcend MTS430S 128GB. I must say I do believe it’s faster than before.

    I did wonder if the model I have actually has 2 x M2 ports. I opened the unit to try to see if there’s one on the motherboard tucked away, but could not find it.

  7. Any chance to replace the LCD in my F7Plus? I broke it and I’d like to replace it. I’m using the pc via HDMI to an external monitor and it works well, but I’d like to restore it with a new LCD. Do you know where to buy the spare LCD? And how to replace (disassemble the old and replace it with the new one)?

    Thank you

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