VIVO applied for VIVOBOOK and VIVO BOOK trademarks in China for upcoming laptops

The famous Chinese smartphone manufacturing company Realme is all set to launch its first-ever notebook today. But not only that, some reports are claiming that a new competitor is also on its way for giving tough competition.

Recently, Vivo has applied for the trademarks named “VIVOBOOK” and “VIVO BOOK” in China, showing that the company is working on a new notebook lineup.

As mentioned in the trademark, the new VivoBook lineup has an international classification nine, representing electronics equipment. Furthermore, the applicant is “Vivo mobile communications company limited.”

We can expect that the new VivoBook lineup will have the same characteristics as in Realme Book, like being lightweight and slim. The main aim of this notebook lineup would target Business operations. Furthermore, it is also expected to feature the latest generations of Mobile CPUs from Intel or AMD.

Currently, there is no officials news regarding the new VivoBook series.

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