Redmi K30 Ultra Official Disassembly Comparison With Redmi K30 Pro

Recently, Redmi has launched a new version of Redmi K30 “Redmi K30 Ultra,” which looks very similar to Redmi K30 Pro. Today, Redmi has introduced the inherent differences between both of these phones by a set of comparative disassembly.

In Terms Of Screen:

It is reported that the new K30 Ultra uses a top E3 ​​material AMOLED custom screen, which supports higher brightness up to 1200nits. Moreover, the display has 5000000:1 ultra-high contrast with 100% coverage of P3 color gamut. The display also supports HDR10+ with power-saving technology. If compared with the previous model “Redmi K30 Pro”, the new Redmi K30 Ultra has a 120Hz refresh rate with a 240Hz touch sampling rate. Moreover, the supporting touch IC and display IC have also been redesigned and stacked.

Redmi K30 Ultra Display Inside


The new Redmi K30 Ultra has a superlinear two-in-one speaker at the top and a superlinear speaker at the bottom. These both together form a dual stereo speaker. The 2-in-1 speaker of the Redmi K30 Ultra has a size of 10 x 12mm, and the related components on the top side are re-optimized and stacked.

Redmi K30 Ultra Dual 2-in-1 Speaker


The new Redmi K30 is powered by the latest flagship chipset of Mediatek “Dimensity 1000+,” which also supports 5G Network. Its related power management chips, radio frequency chips, and other things have been redesigned.

Redmi K30 Ultra Motherboard

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