New Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh) Teardown

Xiaomi has released the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 10,000mAh and the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20,000mAh in the fourth quarter of 2,016. Two power banks have received enormous popularity in the market. In December 2017, the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh) has been launched.

The following are the specs of the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh). Product model: PLM09ZM; capacity: 10,000mAh 3.7V (37Wh); rated capacity: 6,500mAh 5.1V (Type 1A); input interface: Micro-USB; output interface: USB-A; input parameter: 5V 2.0A/9V 2.0A/12V 1.5A; output parameter: 2×5.1V 2.4A/9V 1.6A MAX/12 V 1.2A MAX; product size: 147×71.2×14.2mm.

Now, we will start the teardown of the new Xiaomi Power 2 1,000mAh and see its internal structure.
remove white plate
First of all, remove the white plate both on the top and bottom of the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh).
two philip's head screws
After removing the white plate at the bottom, two Philips’ head screws can be seen in the plastic housing.
remove screws
The Philip’s head screw closely connects the plastic housing at the bottom and internal framework to fix the whole structure.
remove screws
After removing the screws, the internal parts can be pulled out. Then all the components in the internal structure can be seen.
internal framework
The battery and PCB have been individually wrapped by the internal framework. The chip is covered with sponge cushion tape which is used to prevent friction.
New Xiaomi Power Bank 2 1,000mAh sports a 4.2V monolithic lithium battery with a capacity of 10,000mAh. The battery is manufactured by Tianjin Lishen Battery. Its batch number is N22.
NTC temperature probe
To guarantee more accurate temperature detection the NTC temperature probe directly contacts the batter.
The battery is stuck with a plastic housing with the double-sided adhesive.
plastic housing
The plastic housing uses ABS+PC material which has excellent performance both on toughness and hardness.
ZMJ F8216AUBN, a 24-pin micro controller, developed by Zimi Electronics Technology, differs from the previous 20-pin microcontroller.
The ZMI P03Q7VQ is a power management chip developed by Zimi Electronics Technology. The chip’s specification is not open to the public. Its old model is PO2Q6RB.
The silk screen ZMY6K is customized faster-charging chip – FP6601m.
Silk screen 5055F
output ports
Two output ports with independent current-limiting protection.
Xiaomi’s customized copper USB-A output has good quality.
new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 and old model
Both the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh) and the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh) are priced at CNY 75 (approximately $12). But the new Xiaomi Power Bank provides Micro-USB and dual USB-A ports, which is more convenient to charge multi devices. Besides, although the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 1,000mAh and old model uses the same battery brand, their battery specifications differ from each other. The old model uses the M74 4.4V 38.5Wh high-density lithium battery, while the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh) uses the N22 4.2V 37Wh conventional lithium battery. Its battery volume is larger than the old model’s in despite that they have the same capacity. In general, the new Xiaomi Power Bank 2 (10,000mAh) has better cost performance than the old model.



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  1. Powerband charges ONLY when NTC GND in a warm. And while it cold the powerband don’t charge at all, and 4 LED just blinks…

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