Samsung Galaxy Note series will not be cancelled

Earlier, there was a lot of news that the Samsung Note series will no longer be updated, and the Note 20 series may become the last model in the series. However, this news ushered in a reversal recently. On December 16, digital blogger ice universe, who frequently broke the news about Samsung’s new machine, broke the news that the Samsung Note series will not be cancelled.

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The blogger said, “It may be that Samsung’s leadership has heard the rumors of canceling the Galaxy Note series. Recently, people familiar with the matter revealed that the Note series will not be cancelled.” Earlier, there were rumors that Samsung was considering introducing the functions of the Note series in the S series, the Note series of products will be phased out and more energy will be used on the Fold series. In addition, there are many news recently that the Samsung S21 series will support S-Pen, and all kinds of information seem to suggest that Samsung will cancel the Note series phones.

But now there is more information indicating that the Samsung Note series will continue to be updated. In addition to the revelations of the @ ice universe, previous reports indicate that the Note 21 series will still be available in 2021, but unlike the previous version, this series may no longer have Plus or Ultra models.


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