Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 and Mediatek Dimensity 2000 Chipset Specifications Revealed

This afternoon, the famous Chinese blogger @DigitalChatStation has shared a significant update in the smartphone industry. The blogger has revealed the specifications of both flagship chipsets (Snapdragon 898 and Dimensity 2000) from Qualcomm and Mediatek.


The blogger said the all-new Snapdragon 898 would be based on Samsung’s 4nm manufacturing process and feature 1* Cortex-X2 super core (clocked @3.0GHz), 3* performance cores (clocked @2.5GHz), and 4* energy-efficient cores (clocked @1.79GHz). It will also feature Adreno 730 GPU.

Come to the Dimensity 2000; it will be based on a 4nm TMSC’s manufacturing process and feature the same 1* Cortex-X2 super core (clocked @3.0GHz), 3* performance cores (clocked @2.85GHz), and 4* energy-efficient cores (clocked @1.8GHz). This chipset will feature the Mali-G710 MC10 GPU.

Judging from the frequency, we can expect a more robust performance from Dimensity 2000. Further, it is expected that the performance cores would be Cortex-A710 cores while the energy-efficient cores would be Cortex-A510 cores on both chipsets.

It was also reported that the TSMC OEM version of the Snapdragon 898 chip might also be available in the second quarter of next year (2022) as soon as possible. Many smartphone models from different manufacturers are already scheduled to be powered by the Snapdragon 898 chipset.

In July (2021), Mediatek officially revealed that it would announce the successor chipset of its main flagship series before the end of this year.

They also stated that this chipset would be based on the ARM’s latest flagship core and the industry’s best TSMC 4nm process, which would help the chipset to provide the industry’s leading low-power consumption with excellent performance in addition to Advanced AI, multimedia IP and exclusive Dimensity 5G open architecture to provide differentiation.

It is also reported that Mediatek is currently collaborating with different smartphone manufacturers for testing this flagship chipset. It is expected that the mass production of the chipset will start in 1Q22, and a bunch of products (powered by this chipset) will be launched.


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