Vivo Y70s 5G and Two Vivo 5G Phones Got 3C Certification

Recently, three new and unannounced smartphones of Vivo got 3C Certification. These three smartphones have the following model numbers: V2001A, V2002A, V2005A. All of these phones will support 5G connectivity.

vivo V2002a

According to a well known Weibo account (Digital Chat Station), “V2002A” is the model number of  Vivo Y70s 5G. The “Vivo Y70s” is a 5G device which is still unannounced from Vivo. The phone also got spotted on Geekbench. According to Geekbench, the phone is equipped with Exynos 880 (which is still unannounced from Samsung). The chipset is an octa-core processor and seems to be a cheaper version of Exynos 980. According to 3C Certification, the phone will come with a V1820B-CN charger, which is an 18W (9V,2A) charger. It means that the phone will support fast charging too. It can also be seen in 3C Certification, that the phone will support 5G connectivity.

Talk about the other two phones having the model numbers V2001A and V2005A; they are still unknown. It can be seen in 3C Certification that both phones have the support of 5G network connectivity. Both of these phones will come with the same charger V3330L0A0 (also known as the Vivo FlashCharge 2.0), which is a 33W (11V,3A) flash charger from Vivo. Currently, there are no further details available about these two phones.

If any information comes regarding these smartphones, you will get it on our website. So stay tuned!

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