TSMC revealed chip development schedule: expected to mass produce 4nm chips in 2021 and 3nm chips in 2022

At the 2020 World Semiconductor Conference and Nanjing International Semiconductor Expo on August 26, Luo Zhenqiu, general manager of TSMC (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., introduced that more than 140 products of 7nm chips have been mass-produced, and it is expected to be before the end of this year. This number will exceed 200. At the same time, 5nm has now entered the mass production stage, and its yield rate is much better than the 7nm three years ago. It is expected to officially mass produce 4nm chips next year.


In addition, he revealed that we will see 3nm chip products next year. In 2022, 3nm chips will enter mass production. TSMC’s 3nm chips can increase performance by 10%-15%, and the power consumption can be further reduced by 25-30%.

Luo Zhenqiu said that TSMC had invested more than US $3 billion in research and development this year, and all research and development funds have been spent on chips. At present, TSMC’s 7nm chips have entered the third year of mass production. So far, more than 140 products of 7nm chips have been mass-produced. TSMC expects this number to exceed 200 by the end of this year.

In addition to 7nm chips, TSMC is still working on “N7+”, which is strong miniaturization of 7nms, and 6nm chips. TSMC treats 6nm and 7nm as the same node. The output of this node is quite large. So far, TSMC has provided more than 1 billion chips to the world. Application areas include CPU, GPU, communications, and AI.

According to Luo Zhenqiu, TSMC’s 5nm chips have now entered the mass production stage. Judging from the yield rate of the production situation, the yield rate of 5nm chips is much better than that of 7nm chips three years ago.

“The 4nm chip is the next generation process that we continue to improve the area and power consumption of the 5nm. It can not only make the chip area smaller, because it can have better competitiveness in terms of power consumption and cost through different design methods. It is expected that the 4-nanometer chip will be officially mass-produced next year. ”

TSMC is also developing 3nm chips. However, In fact, TSMC is also developing 2nm and 1nm in the future. The performance of TSMC on 3nm chips can be further improved the performance by 10% – 15%, and the power consumption can be reduced by 25% – 30%. We should be able to see 3nm next year and mass production in 2022. ” Luo Zhenqiu said.


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